Civil Rights Data Collection Information

Published: 5/22/2015 11:02 AM


The U.S. Department of Education (ED) conducts the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) to collect data on key education and civil rights issues in our nation's public schools. The CRDC collects a variety of information, including student enrollment and educational programs and services, disaggregated by race/ethnicity, sex, limited English proficiency and disability.

​Every public school and school district in the country is required to respond to the 2013-14 CRDC. KDE will post updates here to help ensure Kentucky schools and districts have the tools and information to fulfill their CRDC requirements. 

Current Status

  • Each district CDRC point of contact should have received an email from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in May 2014 about the CRDC.
  • OCR and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) are building a submission system that will allow state education agencies (KDE) to help upload data to OCR to prepopulate school and district submissions.
  • KDE is developing a query that will extract data from the Kentucky Student Information System (KSIS) and other major enterprise systems. The collection will contain an estimated 75 to 85 percent of the data elements required for schools and about 50 percent of the data elements required for districts.
  • KDE will pre-populate data for districts unless they choose to opt-out through OCR’s online CRDC Web tool. Details will be provided for opting-out prior to the opening of the CRDC data collection.
  • Each district and school that chooses to have KDE pre-populate data must verify, edit and add additional data needed.
  • The CRDC has delayed the schedule and school districts will begin entering SY 2013-14 data after receiving login credentials on Thursday, April 16.


Kentucky CRDC Schedule

  • April 16             
    Each superintendent received the district's username/password from the email
  • April 17-30      
    CRDC site temporarily unavailable.
  • May 1 - 15   
    Districts will review KDE loaded data in the CRDC system.
  • May 18- 24     
    KDE will reload data if any issues are found. (Note: Districts can opt out after the initial load and before reload.)
  • May 25                    
    Districts should begin entering data into the CRDC system.
  • August 7      
    Official CRDC closure 

For Kentucky specific information:

The KDE point of contact for the CRDC is Tyra Dunn-Thomas. Please feel free to contact her by email for more information or if you have any questions about KDE’s assistance with the CRDC data collection.




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