Capital Funds Request

Published: 9/16/2015 12:24 PM

The General Assembly, through the passage of HB 235 in the 2014 regular session, continues to allow flexibility in the use of school district capital funds without forfeiting the district’s eligibility to participate in the School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) program.  To exercise that flexibility, a district must submit a Capital Funds Request (CFR) electronically through e-mail to Denise Hartsfield, at the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of District Support, in order for proper processing to occur.
The following guidelines and instructions detail the procedures applicable to all Kentucky Public School Districts regarding a Capital Funds Request.
An example of a FY2015 YTD Budget Report from the MUNIS system and instructions on how to generate the report are provided below.  If a district plans to use additional nickels that are not recorded on its FY2015 SEEK Calculation Report toward a FY2015 CFR, then the district is required to submit its FY2015 YTD Budget Report with a FY2015 CFR form to KDE that shows the additional nickels’ Revised Budget.  Also, if a district plans to use a significant amount of interest earned from its Capital Outlay Funds (Fund 310) and/or Building Funds (Fund 320) toward a FY2015 CFR, then KDE staff may request the district’s FY2015 YTD Budget Report that shows the YTD Actual available interest earned.
An example of a FY2015 YTD Project Budget Report from the MUNIS system is provided below and instructions on how to generate the report is located on the MUNIS Support and Guides webpage at htt:// under the General Ledger & Statewide Reports section.  If a district plans to use residual funds from a closed project, available funds as a result of the 1st revised BG-1 that conforms to the bid, or a significant amount of interest earned from its Construction Fund (Fund 360) toward a FY2015 CFR, then the district’s FY2015 YTD  Project Budget Report will need to be submitted with the CRF that shows the Project to Date available balances.
The Capital Funds Request Summary Report is located below.  It lists the school districts' names and amounts that were approved by KDE to use capital funds.
Please forward Capital Funds Request questions to the following KDE Representatives:  CFR submission process - Denise Hartsfield at or (502) 564-3846, ext. 4401; Carol Buell at or (502) 564-3846 ext. 4438 ; and Facilities and BG-1 reviews - Greg Dunbar at or (502) 564-4326, extension 4429.
CFR Form Dated 8-3-15
For More information contact: ​
Chay  Ritter
Office of Administration and Support
Division of District Support
500 Mero Street, 15th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-3846
Fax (502) 564-6771