On Behalf Payments

Published: 6/30/2015 2:46 PM
Various state agencies make payments on behalf of school districts for the employer’s portion of Health Benefits, Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS), technology, debt services, and Kentucky Inter-local School Transportation Association (KISTA) energy savings capital leases. Districts issue federal reimbursement payments to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) for the employer’s portion of health benefits that were initially paid by the department for federally funded district employees.
The Division of District Support provided the FY2012 and FY2013 documents entitled “On Behalf Payment Payroll Related Summary Report” that consists of payroll related on behalf payments such as health benefits, federal reimbursement and KTRS. For FY2014, the division has provided a document entitled “On Behalf Payments Summary Report FY2013-2014” that consists of the districts’ combined on behalf payments paid by the KDE, KTRS, and School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC).
The “On Behalf Payment Instructions” document is located below that lists instructions for properly recording the payroll related, technology, debt service, and KISTA energy savings capital leases on behalf payments in MUNIS.

On Behalf Payment Instructions FY2014-2015 Dated 4-30-2015
On Behalf Payment Instructions FY2013-2014 Dated 4-21-2014
On Behalf Payment Instructions FY2012-2013 Dated 5-6-13
On Behalf Payment Instructions FY2011-2012
 Revised 7-27-12
On Behalf Payment Instructions FY2010-2011
The following “On Behalf Payment” links consist of the specific on behalf payment and state agency contact information.
Debt Service On Behalf Payments
Debt Service Contact Information Dated 4-11-14
Debt Service On Behalf Payments FY2015 Dated 6-15-15
Debt Service On Behalf Payments FY2014 Dated 6-18-14
Federal Reimbursement of Health Benefits On Behalf Payments 
Health Benefits On Behalf Payments
Health Benefits On Behalf Payments Contact Information Dated 4-11-14
Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System On Behalf Payments 
KISTA Energy Savings Capital Leases On Behalf Payment
Technology On Behalf Payments
Technology On Behalf Payments Contact Information Dated 4-10-14.doc
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