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Published: 9/25/2014 4:00 PM

Observation is one source of evidence that contributes to an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating.

Each district in Kentucky has made their own decision about how many, and what kinds of observations will occur during a teacher's summative cycle. All observations will include a post-observation conference where teachers and adminstrators will have a conversation about how the evidence collected during the observation aligns with the Kentucky Framework for Teaching.

The power of observation lies in its ability to provide the feedback and analytical reflection necessary for teachers to make intentional changes to their professional practices.


Observation Requirements for Tenured Teachers in their Summative Year During 2014-15

Tenured teachers in their summative year during the 2014-15 school year of PGES implementation need to receive one full observation from their supervisor and one peer observation. The length of the peer observation is determined by the district. They do not have to complete all four observations normally required in a summative cycle this year. Starting in 2015-16, tenured teachers will have three years to complete the four observations required in a summative cycle.  One full observation from a supervisor and one peer observation will always be required during the summative year. 

Observer Certification and Calibration

Observers receive initial certification and go through yearly calibration to ensure inter-reliability across the commonwealth of Kentucky.  Teachers can rest assured that their observer has a solid understanding of the Framework for Teaching and how the indicators look in the classroom.

Post-Observation Conferences

Teachers will meet with their observer for a post-observation conference within five school days of their observation.  At this time a conversation is had where both parties come to agreement about how the teacher's lesson matches up with the Framework for Teaching.  This is a collaborative process. 


 Principal-Teacher Conferencing: Putting the Pieces Together for Continuous Improvement

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Observation Powerpoint Designed for facilitator use.
Considering Bias and Personal Preference Handout to be used with slide 8 of the Observation powerpoint.
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