PGES Student Voice Survey

Published: 1/7/2016 2:21 PM

The Student Voice Survey is a classroom level reporting system used to provide formative feedback and evidence of effectiveness to educators and school administrators. Additionally, it is one source of evidence used to determine an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating.

Educators and administrators garner this valuable feedback via a survey of 3rd through 12th grade students, who report on their interactions with educators. 

District guidance for OPGES Student Voice administration is forthcoming and is different from Teacher Student Voice implementation. This academic year, other professionals will administer the revised field test surveys, which will be coming soon, to students as part of the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES). Please be advised that the Student Voice Survey Questions for use by other professionals are still undergoing validation during the school year 2015-16. This year’s results, along with other district approved formative measures, might be helpful to supervisors to engage in conversations with other professionals regarding continued professional growth needs or by other professionals in self-reflection to inform their practice.

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