TPGES Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Planning

Published: 8/1/2014 11:22 AM
Self-reflection is a process by which teachers assess the effectiveness of their instructional planning, lesson implementation, content knowledge, beliefs, and dispositions for the purpose of self-improvement. The goal of self-reflection is to improve teaching and learning through ongoing thinking on how professional practices impact student and teacher learning.
The goal of a professional growth plan is to facilitate the translation of growth needs identified through self-reflection and other processes into practical activities and experiences that are of value to teachers in strengthening their competencies in the identified growth need areas.
Self-reflection and professional growth planning provide sources of evidence for determining an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating.
Learn More About Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Planning

Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Planning Powerpoint Comprehensive powerpoint designed for facilitator use.  Includes information about each process, actvities, and guidance for entering both in EDS.

PGP Initial Reflection The first step in beginning a Self-Reflection. Teachers use this template to self-identify indicators for Domains 2 and 3 of the Kentucky Framework for Teaching. Corresponds to slide 12 in the powerpoint above.  These indicators are then compared to the complete Framework for Teaching to determine one’s initial professional practice rating.

Kentucky Framework for Teaching Self-Assessment Handout to go with slide 14 of the above powerpoint.

Sample PGP Goals Teachers of a variety of content areas and grade levels can use these examples when creating a Professional Growth Goal.

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