Principal Partnership Project (P3)

Published: 3/31/2017 11:23 AM

What is the Principal Partnership Project (P3)?
The Kentucky Department of Education's Principal Partnership Project (P3) began in 2015-16. It is designed to meet the needs of new and experienced principals who want to know and apply innovative ways to learn and grow professionally.
What makes the Principal Partnership Project (P3) different from other professional learning opportunities?
It’s personalized. You will have multiple opportunities to learn and share with other administrators. Together, we calibrate, consult, collaborate and coach and embed the learning throughout the year. Additionally, at least one of the P3 Team members will support you at your school and help make connections with other P3 Partners and Participants.
How many times will you be away from your school?
There are two regional and one statewide event. This project is tailored to your needs as a learner. You may choose to visit other schools and learn with colleagues, regionally and statewide, but you may decide that you would rather focus on visits to your school from last year’s P3 Partners and the P3 Leadership Team of Leadership Development Specialists.
Learn More
Click HERE for a downloadable 2-page document with more information including focus strands, a connections matrix, and a listing of participant opportunities for 2017-18.
To apply to be a part of the 2017-18 P3 Cohort, please visit and click on Principal Partnership.
Please feel free to contact any member of the P3 Team for more information!

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