Published: 5/30/2014 11:23 AM
Teacher and Student Mayfield MS

The teachers and leaders in Kentucky’s public school system are vital to the success of educational programs and to ensuring that all students are college and career ready. Information on this page is designed to help teachers and leaders find resources related to professional development, professional growth and effectiveness, certification and more.



Administrative Leadership Institute, Minority Educator Recruitment, Minority Superintendent Internship Program 

Professional Learning

EILA, Professional Learning Opportunities Bulletin Board, Professional Learning Standards, Resources, Statutes, Regulations and Standards

Recruitment and Retention

Administrative Leadership Institute, Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification, Certification, Certified Vacancies, Future Educators Association Contacts, Jobs for Administrators and Teachers, Scholarships and Grants, Teach for America, Troops to Teachers

Title II, Part A Teacher and Principal Quality


Professional Growth and Effectiveness System
PGES General Information, Other Professionals Professional Growth and Effectivenss System (OPGES) Pilot, Principial Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, Superintendent Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, TPGES Yearlong Implementation Resources

  • Teacher Leadership

    Teacher leaders need to work together and work with others to be able to highlight features of effective pedagogical practice, label productive and unproductive relationships with key stakeholders, and produce artifacts from their leadership efforts that others can use to find their way to change and improvement.

    This page is intended to provide resources and information for schools and districts to increase teacher leadership.