TPGES Peer Observation

Published: 12/8/2014 7:01 AM


The purpose of Peer Observation is for teachers to receive formative feedback from a peer to help improve their practice.  The Peer Observation is only shared between the teacher and the peer and is an opportunity for teachers to engage in collegial conversations concerning pedagogical practice.

Teacher Driven
Teachers should guide the observation process.  Empowering teachers to share with peers their expectations from this partnership will allow peers to more effectively tailor their feedback.
Best Practice
704 KAR 3:370 requres every teacher to have one Peer Observation during his or her summative cycle; this is a minimum requirement and should not dictate the frequency of peer-teacher contact.  In the Overview of State Teacher Fellows Program in Kentucky, the Hope Street Group's finding was that teachers believed that peers should observe a teacher 2-3 times a year (page 6).
Peer Observer Certification
Professional Learning for Peer Observers is available to all educators. Developed in partnership with Kentucky Educational Televison (KET) this self-paced module certifies teachers as PGES peer observers and prepares them for successful Peer Observations with teachers.
Users register for this learning module using this instruction sheet. Districts and schools have the flexibility to determine how best to manage this learning.  Some districts may wish to manage this in CIITS; it is a district's choice.
Certification for Peer Observers last three (3) years.  It is best practice to engage in yearly learning that enhances Peer Observers' skills.  Peer Observers have access to many resources so it is important to access vetted, quality resources: KDE's website, district developed supplemental learning, and Edivation's Kentucky Peer Observer's Group.
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