Published: 8/10/2016 1:00 PM

Observation is one source of evidence that contributes to an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating. This page contains both evaluative and peer observation information.

OPGES observations and forms: specific guidance 

Preschool: Preschool specific examples and guidance

Observation Requirements for Tenured Teachers in their Summative Year

Tenured educators in their summative year need to receive one full observation from their supervisor and one peer observation. The length of the peer observation is determined by the district. They do not have to complete all four observations normally required in a summative cycle this year.

Observer Certification and Calibration
Observers receive initial certification and go through yearly calibration to ensure inter-reliability across the commonwealth of Kentucky. Teachers can rest assured that their observer has a solid understanding of the Framework for Teaching and how the indicators look in the classroom.
Post-Observation Conferences
Teachers will meet with their observer for a post-observation conference within five school days of their observation. At this time a conversation is had where both parties come to agreement about how the teacher's lesson matches up with the Framework for Teaching. This is a collaborative process.
*Districts should contact Frontline Technologies directly to establish and update existing accounts for certification and recertification for any person conducting observations for PGES.  
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