Published: 12/12/2017 4:06 PM

​The Governor appoints members to the School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council (SCAAC). The committee's existence was mandated by KRS 158.6452 and advises the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) on the design of the testing and accountability system and the highly skilled educator program.

SCAAC is to study and review and make recommendations concerning Kentucky's system of setting academic standards, accessing learning, holding schools accountable for learning, and assisting schools to improve their performance. The council shall advise the Kentucky Board of Education and the legislative Research Commission on issues related to the development and communication of the academic expectations and core content for assessment, the development and implementation of the statewide assessment and accountability program, the distribution of rewards and imposition of sanctions, and assistance for schools to improver their performance.



The School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council (SCAAC) duties are pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statute KRS 158.6452

The committee is composed of seventeen (17) voting members appointed by the Governor.  The members shall be appointed as follows: Two (2) parents, two (2) teachers, two (2) superintendents, two (2) principals, two (2) local school board members, two (2) school district assessment coordinators, two (2) employers in the state, two (2) university professors with expertise in assessment and measurement, and one (1) at-large member.
On making appointments to the council, the Governor shall assure broad geographical representation and representation of elementary, middle, and secondary school levels; assure equal representation of the two (2) sexes, inasmuch as possible; and assure that appointments reflect the minority racial composition of the Commonwealth.
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