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School Improvement

Persistence to Graduation

Published: 4/1/2021 10:12 AM

Persistence to Graduation

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) provides a variety of supports to schools and districts to identify students who may be off-track for College and Career Readiness, promotion, and/or on-time graduation and provide interventions to support students until they earn a diploma. 

KDE is excited to announce the release of the Kentucky Department of Education Persistence to Graduation Briefs prepared in partnership with the American Youth Policy Forum. The publication consists of a full report and four individual practice briefs in the areas of: Alternative Education, Community Partnerships, Culture and Climate, and Student Transitions and Reengagement. The briefs highlight successful schools and programs throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky that promote high school graduation. The publication Identifies specific key strategies that are being used by each program, school, or district highlighted; and Provides a checklist with questions for district leaders and educators to consider.

Covid-19 Guidance

Dropout Prevention in Covid-19

Covid-19 Considerations for Truancy and Compulsory Attendance

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Supporting Student and Staff Wellness (p. 29)


Early Warning and Persistence to Graduation Data Tools

Virtual Bulletin for Mental Health Support 

InspirED Activities/Project Bank 

Don't Quit on Me 

15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention


Information on options for Early Graduation 

Information on Alternative Programs of Distinction

Kentucky High School Graduation Requirements

Information on Dual Credit Options

Information on Apprenticeships

Information on Individual Learning Plan

Information on New Civics Test Graduation Requirement

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KRS 158.145 - Findings and declarations on school dropout rate

KRS 158.146 - Establishment of strategy to address school dropout problem

KRS 159.010 - Age limits for compulsory attendance - notification and counseling prior to withdrawal - encouragement to reenroll after withdrawal

KRS 159.051 - No Pass/No Drive

KRS 159.030 - Exemptions from compulsory attendance

Federal Guidance

Joint Letter on Chronic Absenteeism

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