Sample Test Items

Sample Test Items

Published: 6/29/2023 9:57 AM

​​Kentucky periodically releases test and sample items coordinated with the state assessments to help students and teachers become more familiar with the item types on state assessments.


ACT has subject specific sample test questions and a free full-length practice test under each subject:

ACT Sample Questions and Practice Exams


ACCESS and Alternate ACCESS sample items are available. 

  • online and paper ACCESS

Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Released Items 

Spring 2022 KSA released items for academic content areas are available at KY | Released Items (​).  

The Kentucky released items are delivered as a package which consists of information posted on the Kentucky Portal and information provided directly to the schools and districts. For each grade and content, a sample set of items are released along with the statistics for each item. All associated documentation for each item contains a Unique Identification Number (UIN). This number can be used to link the information from all resources together. 

As required by KRS 158.6453, assessment reports provided to the school districts and schools shall include an electronic copy of an operational subset of test items from each assessment administered to their students and the results for each of those test items by student and by school​. The 2022 KSA Released Items Data Files​ document explains the structure and contents of the district, school and student data files provided directly to schools and districts.​   

Spring 2022 Released Items Training Video ​

Spring 2022 Released Items Training PowerPoint

Additional test preparation materials including Practice Tests and Tutorials are available on the KY Portal.   

Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment (AKSA) Released Item

​The released Alternate Kentucky Summative Assessment (AKSA) items are examples of the use of the Kentucky Academic Standards in the Alternate Assessment and the application of the Alternate ​Assessment targets for the purpose of assessment. The items and statistics presented represent the performance of students in the 2020-2021 assessment cycle, the first year that the AKSA utilized items from the newly enacted content standards in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Social Studies. Development of assessment items is an ongoing process that takes approximately eighteen months from the initial stakeholder item writing to the use of the item in an assessment.  Following the same procedures, new items are developed to replenish the item bank on an ongoing basis.




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