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Standards/Content Areas

Standards/Content Areas

Published: 3/30/2020 1:00 PM

The Kentucky Academic Standards contain the minimum required standards that all Kentucky students should have the opportunity to learn before graduating from Kentucky high schools. The standards address what is to be learned, but do not address how learning experiences are to be designed or what resources should be used. The Kentucky Academic Standards and standards resources can be found on homepage

This section of the KDE website provides information about the Minimum High School Graduation Requirements, the Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework, textbooks, Content/Program Areas (including Visual and Performing Arts, English Language Arts, Global Competency, Library Media, Mathematics, Practical Living and Career Studies, Primary/Preschool, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Writing), and Coordinated School Health.

Covid-19 Updates, Ongoing Guidance and Support

Associated Regulations

KRS 156.160

KRS 158.6453

KRS 158.6451

Please email the Standards team if you have any questions.

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