Early Literacy

Early Literacy

Published: 4/14/2023 2:16 PM

​​The goal of Senate Bill 9 (2022), the Read to Succeed Act, is to support evidence-based early literacy instruction throughout the commonwealth by investing in teachers to increase student success in reading. A child’s ability to read is a critical predictor of both educational and lifelong success. Students must have every opportunity to gain and strengthen this skill, and teachers must be equipped and empowered in the teaching of reading to best support their students. 

Per KRS 158.791, it is the intent of the General Assembly that every elementary school:

  • Provide comprehensive schoolwide reading instruction aligned to reading and writing standards required by KRS 158.6453 and outlined in administrative regulation promulgated by the Kentucky Board of Education;

  • Provide a multi-tiered system of supports to support and engage all students in learning to read at the proficient level, meaning a level that reflects developmentally appropriate grade-level performance, by the end of grade three (3); 

  • Ensure quality instruction by highly trained teachers and intervention by individuals most qualified to provide the​ intervention; and

  • Provide high quality library media programs.​​​

​Please reach out to Christie Biggerstaff, Director of Early Literacy, at christie.biggerstaff@education.ky.gov with any questions.

student spelling farmer on a white board with magnetic letters, famer is split into syllables
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