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School Improvement

No Pass/No Drive Law

Published: 5/15/2020 1:04 PM

The No Pass/No Drive Law (KRS 159.051) was passed during the 2007 legislative session, and affects every public and private school in Kentucky (including home school students). The law says that schools will use academic and attendance data from the previous semester of the school year to determine whether 16- and 17-year-old students are compliant with the law. If deemed noncompliant, the student’s current driver’s license or learner’s permit is revoked. This process occurs on a secure web portal that directly connects schools with the Kentucky Department of Transportation, Division of Driver Licensing. The KAR 601.13.070, promulgated in 2008, sets forth the Transportation Cabinet’s requirements under that statute.

​To apply the first time for a driver’s learning permit, students must get a paper form (KRS 159.051 School Compliance Verification Form, dated 1-1-12) issued by their school. It will not be completed and issued by the school if the student is not eligible according to the terms of the law. A revoked learner’s permit or driver’s license can be reinstated electronically on the web portal if the student is compliant with the terms of the law for an entire semester, or completes the credits in summer school.

Please note that any student enrolled in a homeschool will obtain the verification form from their school district of residency. All private schools will need to contact the Transportation Department directly.

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