Model Curriculum Framework

Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework

Published: 8/16/2018 8:59 AM

​In March 2009, Kentucky’s General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1. Passage of this bill requires the design and development of a state-level model curriculum framework.​​

Definitions and Legislation

The Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework (KMCF) [per section 1. KRS 158.6451(2)] serves as a facilitation guide to assist an instructional supervisor, principal, and/or teacher leader. The framework provides a rationale for the need to revisit curriculum planning, offers background information and exercises to generate “future oriented” thinking, and suggests a process for designing and reviewing the local curriculum.

Section 1. KRS 158.6451​ (2) The Kentucky Board of Education shall disseminate to local school districts and schools a model curriculum framework which is directly tied to the goals, outcomes, and assessment strategies developed pursuant to this section and KRS 158.645 and 158.64​53. The framework shall identify teaching and assessment strategies, instructional material resources, ideas on how to incorporate the resources of the community, a directory of model teaching sites, alternative ways of using school time, and strategies to incorporate character education throughout the curriculum.”

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