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Career and Technical Education Interdisciplinary Courses

Published: 4/8/2019 10:15 AM
The high school graduation requirements, which became effective with the graduating class of 2002, allow for interdisciplinary courses to substitute for specific academic courses required for graduation.

​The Kentucky Board of Education allows a school district to substitute an applied or interdisciplinary course for a required core academic course if the alternative course provides rigorous content and addresses the same applicable components of the required course. This option provides high schools the opportunity to offer courses that have the same academic rigor as traditional courses, but the content is delivered through a more contextual hands-on approach. For more detail, please review Utilizing Interdisciplinary Courses in Compliance with Highly Qualified Teacher Policies


Staff from Curriculum Development and Career and Technical Education collaborated to design several interdisciplinary courses that meet the high school graduation requirements. Any high school, career and technical center, or state operated area technology center would be eligible to offer the following interdisciplinary courses.

Constructed GeometryInterdisc-Geometry
Health and WellnessInterdisc-HealthWell
Money Skills for MathInterdisc-MoneySkills

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