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Published: 8/2/2022 3:51 AM
Selection and Use of Instructional Resources/Materials

School Based Decision Making (SBDM) Councils are charged with adopting policy for the approval of curriculum and any accompanying instructional resources. In addition to or in place of basal* resources, many schools select supplemental resources they feel can effectively be used to support teaching and learning. Kentucky's Model Curriculum Framework (MCF) assists schools and districts in the development and/or revision of curricula, as well as accompanying assessments and professional learning. The MCF serves as a guide to ensure that decisions are based on Kentucky's expectations for effective teaching and learning and includes tools, strategies, and suggested resources for making informed and thoughtful decisions.

KRS 156.445(1) states that "No textbook or program shall be used in any public school in Kentucky as a basal* title unless it has been recommended and listed on the state multiple list by the State Textbook Commission or unless a school and district has met the notification requirements under subsection (2) of this section . . ." which indicates that "a school council, or if none exists, the principal, may notify, through the superintendent, the State Textbook Commission that it plans to adopt a basal textbook or program that is not on the recommended list, by submitting evidence that the title it has chosen meets the selection criteria of the State Textbook Commission, . . . the subject specific criteria of the textbook reviewers . . . and complies with the required publisher specifications."

State Multiple Lists are not available at this time. Therefore, districts must complete the District Off-List Notification for any basal textbooks or programs to be used with students. The specific content area instruments for the review of basal instructional materials can be found on the District Off-List Notification Information webpage, under "review instruments."

Schools and districts may wish to use the Sample Textbook Purchasing Plan to assist in the development of a K-8 purchasing plan.

Furthermore, the KDE Digital Learning Team designed the Kentucky Digital Learning Guidelines as guidance for schools, districts, and digital providers when selecting or creating developmentally appropriate digital learning resources for instruction, as well as online and blended learning courses in Kentucky schools.

Digital learning resources, as well as online and digital learning courses used in Kentucky, must align explicitly to the Kentucky Academic Standards appropriate for each course, be endorsed by a highly qualified content teacher, and follow established Kentucky statutes and regulations for selection and purchase as specified in KRS 156.395-476 and 704 KAR 3:455.

* Basal: one that serves as the primary means of instruction in a content area for a grade level or course

​District Off-List Notification Information

This page provides guidance to schools and districts for the purchase of basal print and digital resources not found on a current State Multiple List.

Approved and Not Approved Categories of SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS for purchase with Textbooks/Instructional Resource Funds may be found on the Approved/Not Approved Supplementals Chart​.

Please contact  KDETextbooks@education.ky.gov with any questions.

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