Alternate K-PREP Program

Alternate K-PREP

Published: 1/21/2020 10:10 AM

​The Kentucky Alternate Assessment  was developed in 1990 as a result of the Reform Act of 1990 to provide schools and programs with a valid and reliable means of assessing the instruction provided to students with moderate and significant disabilities (i.e., for the less than 1% of the total student population for whom traditional assessments would be an inappropriate measure of progress).

​In 2011 all content areas of the Alternate K-PREP were represented by attainment tasks and the Transition Attainment Record (TAR) for students in grade 11. These assessments continue to meet federal requirements for the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) and Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA).

Alternate K-PREP is based upon two components: Attainment Tasks (AT) and the Transition Attainment Record (TAR). These components play vital roles in the assessment of the individual student.

Attainment Tasks (AT)
Attainment tasks are performance events that require students to complete a task, working step by step as directed by the teacher.

Testing Windows

  • Window 1: November 4-December 13, 2019
  • Window 2: April 13-May 29, 2020

Transition Attainment Record (TAR)
The Transition Attainment Record is a checklist which evaluates the student’s readiness in reading, mathematics and science.

  • Alternate K-PREP AAAF

    ​The Alternate Assessment and Accountability Folder, also referred to as the AAAF, has been a requirement of the Alternate Assessment Program for several years. With the implementation of the Alternate K-PREP, a new assessment design will hold more responsibilities for the AAAF.

  • Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KAS Standards

    (Aligned to KAS)​

    With the 2009 implementation of Senate Bill 1 (SB1) requiring new assessment standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics for the general assessment, new statements aligned to the standards were also required for the Alternate Assessment. 

  • Alternate K-PREP Communications

    ​Communications between KDE and districts/schools occur on a regular basis with staff who have elected to be a part of the Alternate Assessment E-mails.

  • Alternate K-PREP Resources

     ​The Alternate K-PREP is the assessment provided to Kentucky students with the most severe cognitive disabilities. The resources below provide assistance to students participating in the Alternate assessment.

  • Alternate K-PREP Trainings

    These training videos and materials are designed to help teachers and administrators with the implementation of the Alternate K-PREP program.

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