Technology Purchasing and Standards

KETS Product and Technical Standards

Published: 5/30/2018 3:16 PM

The Kentucky Education Technology Systems (KETS) technology standards enable commonality and consistency among Kentucky's public school districts.  These standards complement KETS initiatives and help ensure system supportability across all districts.

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Office of Education Technology works collaboratively with Kentucky's public school district representatives on the Architectural Standards Committee to help develop and maintain these technology standards that benefit and compliment the KETS Network and initiatives.

The Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) has technology standards in place to support the overall state technology vision.  These standards are separate from KETS technology standards but are available as guides for districts developing applicable solutions.​​​​​​​

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Approved Products
Standard Type
Student & Faculty/Staff Instructional Devices (workstations)001 - KETS Instructional Devices

Byte Speed

KETS Technical Standard, KETS Product StandardKETS Instructional Device Price Sheets8/25/20151/24/20186/30/2018
School and District Printing002 - KETS Printer Hardware

Hewlett Packard Corp


KETS Technical Standard, KETS Product StandardKETS Laser Printer Price Sheets8/9/20131/24/20186/30/2018
Server/Storage003 - KETS Server/Storage

Must be able to run Windows Server operating system.

Server Minimum Configuration: The minimum configuration of a server should reflect the resource requirements of the application. Initial application resource requirements plus at least one year of growth both in memory and processor capacity should reflect the minimum configuration requirement. Redundant power supplies required.

PDF iconKETS Server Minimum Technical Specifications





KETS Technical Standard, KETS Product StandardKETS Server & Storage Price Sheets5/9/20156/30/2018
School and District Networking004 - Network Wiring

KETS Technical Standard
School and District Networking005 - Network Components

Avaya (Extreme Networks)


Extreme Networks


KETS Technical StandardKETS Network Hardware & Services Price Sheet3/1/20132/28/2019
School and District Phone System006 - KETS Voice Hardware


Mitel Business Systems

Mitel Networks, Inc. (Formerly ShoreTel)

KETS Technical Standard, KETS Product StandardVoice Hardware & Services Price Sheet3/1/20132/28/2019
Software, Apps and Instructional Digital Content007 - Student Information Software or Service

Student Information System for education entities to manage student data

Official Website: Kentucky Student Information System (KSIS)

Refer to the KETS Technical Environment Document, Section 010

Infinite Campus

KETS Product StandardStudent Information System Contract Information12/1/20066/20/201811/30/2022
Software, Apps and Instructional Digital Content008 -Financial Information Software or Services

System which provides financial, payroll and HR, and tax and utility management services.

Refer to the KETS Technical Environment Document, Section 007


KETS Product StandardFinancial Management System Contract Information1/24/2018
The Internet009 -KY K-12 District Internet Hub Fiber Connection to the Internet (KDE Provided)
 Refer to the KETS Technical Environment Document, Section 008

State Product StandardKentucky Information Highway Contract Information2/21/20132/20/2019
The Internet010 - School to Ky K-12 District Internet Hub Fiber Connection

KETS Technical Standard
Directory Services011 - Directory Services

Refer to the KETS Technical Environment Document, Section 001

Electronic Mail012 - E-mail

KETS standard electronic mail systems must be an organizationally owned, enterprise level, and fully inspectable K-12 e-mail solution, approved by KDE. E-mail accounts must use the state standard domain extension and naming convention. No personal E-mail solutions are permitted. 


Microsoft Office 365 for Education
Google G Suite for Education

KETS Technical Standard, KETS Product Standard8/6/20101/24/2018
Cyber Security013 - Anti-Virus & Malware Protection
 Centralized managed Endpoint protection of network connected devices with AV and Malware prevention.

Intel/McAfee ePO

State Product StandardIntel/McAfee Hardware & Services State Master Agreement6/1/20041/24/2018
Cyber Security014 -Internet Safety/Security Management Solutions

A KDE provided, District managed appliance and software that allows districts to set internet usage and access permissions or restrictions based on local policies and practices.

Refer to the KETS Technical Environment Document, Section 002

Lightspeed (Software)

Rocket (Appliance)

KETS Product StandardKETS Secure Web Gateway Contract Information6/1/20151/24/20186/30/2020
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