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Technology Purchasing and Standards

School Construction Technology Checklist Guide

Published: 11/13/2019 10:17 AM
The School Construction Technology Checklist Guide is intended as a foundation to be used by local school district Chief Information Officers (CIOs), other district staff involved in facilities (building and district level administrators) and KETS Partners to guide discussions related to new construction as well as renovation of existing facilities.​ 
For questions concerning the appropriate use of KETS and Local funds contact your KETS Customer Relationship Manager (CRM / KETS Field Engineer) for assistance.
For question and final approval on use of Facilities (Construction) funds you should contact the Facilities Management Staff.
Building and Wiring Project Form Ver 4.0 2019 rev 9.pdf - Please use Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader when filling out the Building and Wiring Project Form. The entry fields and digital signature will not fill properly using other programs to open the PDF Form.

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