Software Price Sheets

Published: 5/19/2014 3:50 PM

Below are the price lists provided by the contract holders for software.  The downloadable files list the software available on these contracts.  Contact information for ordering or questions can be found on each download.

Enterprise Information Technology Software Reseller (Contract Held by SHI)
This software contract includes Microsoft licensing and other Enterprise IT software.
For information contact: Tom Wampler (502) 254-9964, email -
Send orders or Quote Requests to: email - or call (888) 606-8512
Go to SHI’s Web site for e-quotes & online ordering:
Enterprise IT Software Reseller (SHI)
     Master Contract # MA-758-1100000301
     Education Contract # MA-758-1100000552

 SHI Enterprise Software Reseller Contract MA-758-1100000552.pdfSHI Enterprise Software Reseller Contract MA-758-1100000552.pdf
 2014_01_EnterpriseSoftware_Microsoft_PriceSheet.pdfSHI Microsoft EES and Select Plus Agreement Price Sheet 

Public School Students & Staff Purchases: Academic software is available to Kentucky public school district students, teachers and staff as well as Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) for personal purchases at discounted prices. Software can be purchased on-line at Click on the product you are interested in purchasing then follow the instructions that will guide you through the purchase process. The site and product offerings are managed by Kivuto (formerly known as e-academy). More information on personal purchases is available here.






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