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Published: 7/25/2016 3:31 PM
The Kentucky Education Technology Systems (KETS) environment is currently supported by numerous vendor-partners who have contracts with the Commonwealth of Kentucky for products and services including but not limited to hardware including computers, servers and network equipment and software/systems including financial management and student information systems. Contract length varies and many have contract renewal options available. The annual renewal and final expiration date for different products are staggered and do not come up for renewal or bid at the same time, or even in the same year, thereby spreading out the time frame for the need to re-bid products and services.
There is not an "approved" KETS vendor list that new vendors can be added to. KETS contracts are awarded via a competitive bid process through the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, Office of Procurement Services. Vendors who are interested in bidding for future KETS contracts should be registered with and explore current bid opportunities as described below.
Searching for Bid Opportunities
While on the eProcurement website, vendors may click on the Vendor Self Service (VSS) link to browse bid opportunities through the Guests area without being registered.  Under the Guests area, click on View Solicitation.  Select a Solicitation that you are interested in and either review the document online or download it to your computer. The resulting document, once printed out to hard copy at your location, may be used as your official bid document. You may also submit your bid electronically through the eProcurement website when authorized by the Solicitation.
 The website also allows you to review recent contract award information by changing the status from open to awarded.
 Vendors wishing to do business with the Commonwealth must be registered before being awarded a Contract.  Registration allows vendors the opportunity to identify those products and services they wish to offer to the Commonwealth; and registration makes it possible for state agencies to find your company.  In addition, vendors are able to maintain their own vendor information online (i.e. contact, address, email, and phone number.)  Vendors may register on the eProcurement Web site @: via the Vendor Self Service (VSS) application, which is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  

To find out more information on how to do business with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and how the Model Procurement process works, you can access The Finance & Administration Cabinet's website at and review their document How To Do Business with the Commonwealth.
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