Standards and Curriculum Support

Standards & Curriculum Support

Published: 5/2/2018 3:47 PM

What should students know and be able to do?

It is well known that standards drive the curriculum alignment process, but it is important for schools to feel empowered to think innovatively and to be visionary when it comes to curriculum development. Schools should understand that there is no ‘right’ way to build curricula and they need to feel compelled to rethink curriculum possibilities. Curricula that is broad, flexible, and based on the needs of the students, community, and industry is critical to student success, particularly beyond school.

Additionally, it is critical that learning be personalized and engaging for ALL students. Those who need the engagement and personalized learning the most are often the ones pulled away from the very experiences they tend to excel at or be interested in.  Students shouldn’t be denied opportunities to grow and accelerate just because they struggle in other academic areas.

Click on the link at the left for resources to help design and deploy learning standards.

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