COVID-19 Resources for Work-Based Learning

Published: 11/6/2020 4:03 PM

COVID-19 Updates and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Should student work-based learning experiences continue during the NTI period?

A: Guidance was sent to all CTE points-of-contact on Friday, 3/13/20 regarding the continuation of work-based learning during the NTI period.  It is recommended that all non-paid work-based learning experiences (shadowing, unpaid internships, clinical rotations, etc.) should NOT continue until school resumes.  Please be advised that paid work-based learning experiences, such as cooperative education and paid internships, MAY continue while school is not in session, so long as same complies with any Executive Order issued by Governor Beshear and there is agreement between the employer, the school district and the parent/guardian for the student to continue reporting to work..

Q2: How do we give grades to students who are working during this time and we can't check on them?  Second, we have students who are working at UPS currently and their parents want them to stay home and not work.  What do we do about grades for them?  Do we give them a passing grade or no passing grade?

A: Local districts are responsible for their grading policies, so ultimately these decisions are at the district's discretion, but here's a few things KDE recommends:

  • While face-to-face work site check-ins may not be possible during this time, routine phone calls, virtual meetings, etc. with the employers are encouraged and completely feasible.

  • Coupled with the phone/virtual check-ins, weekly written or electronic evaluations by the employer/supervisor could be utilized to determine appropriate grades during this time.

  • If there is not agreement from the parent(s) for a student to report to work during the pandemic, then I would suspend grades for the WBL experience during that time. If that ends up meaning a pass/fail grade is most appropriate at the end of the term, then that is at your discretion. Otherwise, their cumulative grade for the course would simply be based on the time that they actually worked by the conclusion of the term.

Other Resources and Information

The Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) program regulation (11 KAR 15:090) has been modified to specify that only CTE pathway approved cooperative education courses may count as more than one course for purposes of satisfying yearly KEES curriculum requirements. Work-based learning opportunities not approved for and connected to CTE career pathways, may only count as one course towards KEES curriculum requirements.

Eligibility requirements that govern CTE cooperative education can be found within administrative regulation 705 KAR 4:041, Work-based learning program standards.

Work-Based Learning Overview

Work-Based Learning Manual

The Work-Based Learning Manual provides information on the various types of work-based learning experiences such as cooperative education, entrepreneurial program, internship, mentoring, school-based enterprises, service learning and shadowing. Information also includes an overview of legal issues and guidelines for implementing the various types of work-based learning.

For specific course code information on WBL opportunities in career pathways, please refer to the Preview to Career Pathways.

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