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Advisory Groups

Reading Diagnostic and Intervention Grant Steering Committee (Read to Achieve Grant)

Published: 4/18/2022 2:16 PM


Purpose:  The Reading Diagnostic and Intervention Grant Steering Committee, as mandated by KRS 158.794, was established for the ​purpose of advising the Kentucky Board of Education and the Department of Education concerning the implementation and administration of the reading diagnostic and Intervention f​und created by KRS 158.792.

Membership: The committee shall be composed of sixteen (16) members including the commissioner of education or the commissioner's designee, the executive director of the Collaborative Centre for Literacy Development, the president of the Council on Postsecondary Education or the president's designee, and the following members, to be appointed by the Governor:  

  1.  Four (4) primary program teachers with a specialty or background in reading and literacy;
  2. Four (4) university or college professors with a specialty or background in reading and literacy representing universities;
  3. One (1) elementary school principal;
  4. One (1) certified library media specialist; and
  5. Three (3) individuals from the state at large with an interest in reading and literacy.

Meeting Frequency: This group meets as needed at the discretion of the chair.

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