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Through Course Task (TCT)

Published: 5/17/2021 9:58 AM
Through Course Task (TCT) Expectations 

TCTs are a vital component for a fully functioning and comprehensive science assessment system. To continue to improve high-quality teaching and learning in science, time should be dedicated to not only refining and reflecting on the past use of TCTs, but also to continuing to prepare students for the demands of 3-dimensional science assessments.   

More details about the assessment system may be found on the Science Assessment System page. 

Through Course Task Bank

The TCT Database is populated with TCTs available across grade levels and addressing the science and engineering processes as well as the crosscutting concepts. As TCTs are added to the database, they will be removed from the previously used SharePoint site.

  • Each TCT document is protected by a Creative Commons License

    • Users of TCTs may copy and redistribute materials provided users give credit using the link to the creative commons license. 

    • Users may NOT use the material for any commercial purposes.

    • Users may not remix, transform, or build upon the TCT and distribute for use. 

Please email the science team if you have any questions.

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Name1DownloadGrade LevelPhenomenon within the taskScience and Engineering PracticesCrosscutting Concepts
Can You See What I See?Can_You_See_What_I_See_TCT.pdf1Illumination Affects VisibilityPlanning Carrying Out Investigations; Engaging in Argument from EvidenceCause and Effect
Picnic TimePicnic_Time_TCT.pdf1​ShadowsAnalyzing and Interpreting Data; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns
Just Passing ThroughJust_Passing_Through_TCT.pdf1Interaction of Light with Materials​Planning Carrying Out Investigations; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns
Which Model is Best?Which_Model_is_Best_TCT.pdf1​Plants Need Water and Light to GrowDeveloping and Using Models; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns
Just Like MeJust_Like_Me_TCT.pdf1Similarities in Functions of Body StructuresAnalyzing and Interpeting Data; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns
Dog Coat ColorDog_Coat_Color_TCT.pdf1Genetics of Dog Coat Color in Laborador RetrieversAnalyzing and Interpreting Data; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns
Seed DispersalSeed_Dispersal_TCT.pdf2Seed Structures Support DispersalAnalyzing and Interpreting Data; Constructing Explanations and Designing SolutionsCause and Effect; Structure and Function
Germinating SeedsGerminating_Seeds_TCT.pdf2Effect of Heat on Seed GerminationUsing Mathematics and Computational Thinking; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns
Junk Drawer FindsJunk_Drawer_Finds_TCT.pdf2Properties of MatterAsking Questions & Defining Problems; Planning & Carrying Out InvestigationsPatterns
The Big SpillThe_Big_Spill_TCT.pdf2Absorbency of Different MaterialsAnalyzing and Interpreting Data; Engaging in Argument from EvidencePatterns

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