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Writing Policy Guidance

Published: 5/4/2020 12:42 PM
What is required of schools?
The passing of SB 1 (2017) amended by KRS 158.6453 requires each school-based decision making council or, if there is no school council, a committee appointed by the principal, to adopt policies that determine the writing program for its school and submit the policy to the Department of Education for review and comment. Schools were to submit their writing policy to the Kentucky Department of Education by December 1, 2019. Schools will next submit their updated writing policy in 2025-2026 school year.  

What are the required components of the writing policy?
SB 1 (2017) states that the policy must provide:
  • Multiple opportunities are provided for students to develop complex communication skills for a variety of purposes.
  • A variety of language resources are embedded within writing instruction.
  • A variety of technological tools are used in the writing process.

​What resources are available to assist schools with developing a writing policy?
Writing Policy Guidelines have been developed to provide guidance on important elements to consider when developing a writing policy. As writing is only one component of literacy, schools may consider using the following resources:

Literacy Plans for Kentucky Schools: A KDE & KRA Position Statement defines literacy goals and plans, describes roles and responsibilities of the literacy team, identifies policies and practices to improve literacy and discusses implications of research for sustaining continuous improvements.

Kentucky Literacy Plan is a planning tool to assist schools and districts in analyzing, evaluating and planning a school literacy plan.

Literacy Perks provides a comprehensive view of important factors that inform the development of writing.

Literacy Planning Booklet is planning tool to use with Literacy Perks in analyzing, evaluating and planning a school literacy plan.

For technical questions related to submission, please contact Caryn Davidson

For submission requirement questions, please contact writingplan@education.ky.gov.

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