Kentucky Uniform Academic Course Codes

Published: 7/15/2017 9:46 AM

Course Code Regulation

704 KAR 3:540 states the following:

Section 1. (1) Local districts and schools shall use uniform academic course codes, listed and described in the Academic Course Code List, to classify all courses offered in each school when reporting to the Kentucky Department of Education.
(2) Reporting to the Kentucky Department of Education shall include the listing and linking of uniform academic courses if the listing of academic courses is required.
Section 2. The linking of local district and school codes to the uniform academic course codes shall be performed by district and school staff using the student information system.

Section 3. The Kentucky Department of Education shall annually audit the use of uniform academic course codes by districts and schools.

Section 4. Incorporation by Reference. (1) "Academic Course Code List", April 2010, is incorporated by reference. (2) This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the Office of Teaching and Learning).

Entering Course Information in Infinite Campus (IC)

Please follow the guidance provided in the Course Data Standard for entering course information in IC.

Please follow the guidance provided in the Dual Credit Course Data Standard for specific information for entering Dual Credit courses in IC.

All academic courses should be scheduled during instructional time.

State Course Code Lists

New Course Request Procedure Now Available
Although the Kentucky Academic Course Code List includes a broad range of courses, there may be times when districts want to offer a course that doesn't match well with the current course options. Districts may request to have their course added to the Kentucky Academic Course Code List using the procedure outlined in the New Course Requests Procedures document.

Master State Course Code Lists

All Courses With Certifications
All Courses Without Certifi​​​​cations
Academic Course Code List - All Courses Without Certifications 2017-18

Changes for 2017-18

*Please note that due to district feedback the Integrated Science courses that were originally deprecated for 17-18 have now been reinstated and are available for use. All course code lists and supporting documents have been updated to reflect this change.

Course Code Changes 2017-18

Deprecated Course Codes and What to Use Instead
All Course Codes and Title, No Descriptions
State Course Code List 2017-18

EOC Course Codes

Courses that trigger end of course assessment at the high school level are listed within the Academic Course Code list
and have also been compiled in the list below.

EOC Course Codes 2017-18-Coming soon

Co-op Course Codes

Please note the cooperative education and work experience course codes are within the Kentucky Academic Course Code list, they are also provided as a separate document with this communication. The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority program regulation 11 KAR 15:090 has been modified to specify that only one cooperative education course per academic year will count for purposes of satisfying yearly KEES curriculum requirements. Therefore, beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year, course codes will be included in the KEES eligibility determination. Students taking cooperative or work experience courses must have 4 courses not listed as cooperative or work experience listed to be considered eligible for KEES.

Co-op Course Codes 2017-18

Content Area Course Code Lists

Note: These are the same listings as in the master list above, broken into smaller chunks.

Agricultural Education
Pathway to Careers

Course Codes Contact Information:

Please contact Kiley Whitaker for general CTE Academic Course Code questions and Caryn Davidson for all other general Academic Course Code question.  For questions regarding specific content areas, please contact the appropriate individual listed in the table below.

Districts may contact the EPSB Division of Certification at (502) 564-4606 or with questions pertaining to certification.

Districts may contact Megan Cummins at (502) 696-7397 or with questions pertaining to KEES eligibility.
​Content Area
​Contact Name Contact Info​
​Agriculture ​Brandon Davis
​AP ​Jennifer Pusateri
Business and Marketing
​Betty Montgomery
Construction ​Glen Borders
​Elementary ​Please see specific content area
Engineering and Technology
​Mark Harrell
English Learners
Gary Martin
​Teresa Rogers
Family and Consumer Sciences
​Kayla Godbey
Health and Physical Education (Health Related Services)
​Audra Deli-Hoofnagle
​Health Sciences
​Peggy Williford
Information Technology​ ​Scott U'Sellis
​Jarrod Slone
​JROTC ​Dave Clusky
Dana Tackett
​Math ​Robin Hill
​Media Arts
​Scott U'Sellis
​Miscellan​eous Course Codes ​CTE-Kiley Whitaker
All others-Caryn Davidson
​Multiple Pathway CTE and Pathway to Careers ​Kiley Whitaker 
Rae McEntyre
Social Studies
Lauren Gallicchio
​Special Education
​Tania Sharp
​Todd Nickens
​Visual and Performing Arts
​Robert Duncan
​World Languages
Alfonso De Torres Núñez