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Kentucky Academic Standards Revision Process

Standards Revision Process Timeline

Published: 7/29/2019 4:19 PM

Standards and Assessments Review Process - To Occur Every Six Years
  1. Committees formed: Review Committee (RC) and Advisory Panels (AP)
  2. Public comments sought on standards (by third party)
  3. APs consider comments and propose/recommend changes to the standards
  4. RC reviews APs recommendations and makes decision on moving forward
  5. Public comments sought on recommended revisions (by third party)
  6. APs consider comments and finalize proposed revisions
  7. RC reviews final proposal
  8. Standards presented to Interim Joint Committee on Education (IJCE)
  9. Commissioner provides report to Standards and Assessments Process Review Committee (SAPRC)
  10. SAPRC recommends proposed changes to Kentucky Board of Education (KBE)
  11. KBE approves proposed changes and regulation change process commences
  12. New standards implemented in all schools no later than second academic year following the process

Content Areas Timeline
A high level timeline that shows when each content area will be under revision and implemented through 2023.
Please email the Standards team if you have any questions.

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