Pursuant to Senate Bill 1, 2021 Extraordinary Session, all Kentucky public school districts are required to submit their current COVID-19 School Operations Plan and any subsequent drafts to the Kentucky Department of Education for informational purposes. Districts may submit their plans to KDE using this form.


Transportation SEEK Submission Forms

Published: 8/30/2021 11:22 AM

Certification of Transportation Mileage - DUE July 8

Overall bus mileage for all buses, daily route miles for all buses and private owned mileage. ( a contract must be in place for this)

Transportation Growth Factor Adjustment Form - DUE NOV 1

 Records the aggregate days transported of pupils (K-12 grade) from one public school district to another public school district. The first 2 months of school are used as the guide.

 KY School for the Deaf & Blind Daily Form - DUE MAY 31

Records transportation for the KY School for the Deaf & Blind on a Daily basis. Student must be on the bus to claim mileage.

 KY School for the Deaf & Blind Resident Form - DUE MAY 31

Records transportation for the KY School for the Deaf & Blind on a weekly basis. Ex.) Transported on Sunday to the school and transported on Thursday or Friday home. Student must be on the bus to claim mileage.

 Transportation Adjustment Form End of Year - DUE JUNE 30

Public Pupils transportation to another public school and Non-Public School Pupils transported to private and Parochial Schools. Information is used in reporting the aggregate attendance of pupils not included or reported in SAAR. (Superintendents Annual Attendance Report)

 Vocational Transportation - DUE June 30

Records transportation from high school to a vocational school or to a vocational worksite. You can only claim mileage while students are on board.



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 If you make a mistake and enter incorrect data for SEEK, please notify the following people via e-mail ASAP to request the form to be reset due to incorrect information.


Karen Conway at karen.conway@education.ky.gov

Krystal Smith at krystal.smith@education.ky.gov

Jana Cox at jana.cox@education.ky.gov

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