School Change Requests

Published: 2/7/2017 11:49 AM
District and School Collection Repository (DASCR)
As of July 1, 2014, this web application replaces the on-line form.
The District and School Collection Repository (DASCR) web application tool allows schools and districts to add, update and close schools on-line.  District staff who submit school changes, log on through the secure web applications portal and then select “District and School Collection Repository”.
Click here to login to DASCR. Additional login information and user instructions may be found in the DASCR User Guide. In addition, a video is available that shows step by step instructions on how to enter information into DASCR, which may be found here. (Note: You must use your district login ID and password to access the video.)
You must be granted access to DASCR by the District WAAPOC. You can find your district's WAAPOC in the District and School Directory.
Data is preloaded with what is already in the system about the school. There are three (3) options to choose from if you need to make changes: (1) add a new school, (2) change (reconfigure) a school, (3) close a school. Once you choose an option, school information can be updated on-line. You should hear back from KDE regarding the request within one business week. 
Annual Verification
Schools and districts must verify that their school profile data is correct annually, using the DASCR Verification tab before the School Report Card public opening. The time frame for verification begins in February for the April opening of the School Report Card Profile Page. The key items to verify are: school code, name, addresses, phone numbers, grade range, Title I status, classification, principal name, and principal email. Validation of District Board Members and School Council Members is not part of this validation.   
Changes made through the annual verification will not change prior year School Report Cards.
Staff who do not have a KDE Web Application tool user account, or have forgotten their username or password, should visit the self-registration page to register for an account or retrieve their username/password.  District or school staff that will be verifying school data must be set up with access to DASCR by the district WAAPOC.  
Instructions for verifying school profile information:
·       Login to the Web Application tool here.
·       Select District and School Data Collection Repository (DASCR).
·       Select the Verification tab.  
·       Select the name of each school and review the information for completion and accuracy.
    • If no changes are needed, select the Verify button.
    • If changes need to be made, select the Update button and fill in the requested changes. 
Within a few days, you will be notified when the change(s) is in effect.  At that point, review the information again and select the Verify button
Reminder:You can update schools and district information but not roles through this application. Roles, such as principal changes, must continue to be updated through the People Manager web application.
Please contact at 502-564-5279, ext. 4449 or via email for information or assistance. We welcome feedback on this tool as part of this beta rollout. 
School Classification Definitions

District data is not verified through the DASCR process; 
changes to district data or any questions specific to the school change requests should be directed to Shravanthi Raghavapuram at (502) 564-564-5279, ext. 4426, or via email.
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