Front Door Project

Published: 4/7/2017 1:30 PM

The Kentucky Department of Education collects geographical coordinates for the front door of each public school in Kentucky. Each year, as part of Earth Day activities, KDE encourages local school administrators to check accuracy for their facilities’ locations using Kentucky’s Commonwealth Map. If the school district has provided the coordinates, their schools are geographically displayed on the map.

At the end of each quarter, based on updates received from districts, KDE provides data to keep the Commonwealth map current. This geographical data is used by public and private entities and is available through Kentucky’s School Report Card, Open House Directory, Kentucky Geoportal and

Search by school name and verify coordinates

To see a school's location on the Commonwealth Map, search by school name using the school locator tool. School administrators can use this tool to verify that coordinates for their facilities are correct. For instructions to use the School Locator tool and to verify a facility’s coordinates, click here.
Obtain new or correct coordinates
To obtain coordinates for a new school or to obtain correct coordinates for an existing school, school administrators should follow the steps provided here.
Other school change requests
For instructions to add a new school, change (reconfigure) a school or close a school, visit the School Change Requests webpage.
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