Additional Technology Resources

Published: 6/12/2015 4:10 PM

​The downloads below offer and overview of the KETS Technical Environment.

Guidelines for Creating Acceptable Use Policies- In 1998, The Kentucky General Assembly passed Senate Bill 230 which required the use of filtering software in every district and school. The purpose of filtering software is to identify and selectively prevent objectionable material from entering the school through the data network...keep reading...

Implementation of 1998 Senate Bill 230- Senate Bill 230, enacted during the 1998 General Assembly, requires the Kentucky Board of Education to promulgate administrative regulations to prevent sexually explicit material from being transmitted via education technology systems;..keep reading...

KETS Proxy Implementation Executive Summary- The intent of the law, regulation and our KETS proxy approach is for a KETS proxy standard product to be at each school so each school will have a complete and timely choice on how to implement the electronic library, filtering and tracking for their individual school...keep reading....

Front Door Project-Annually, the Kentucky Department of Education collects geographical coordinates from the front door of each public school in Kentucky....keep reading.....

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