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Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP)

Published: 3/2/2022 2:29 PM

The Advanced Placement (AP*) Program is governed by the College Board. There are over 30 college-level courses available, most of which are offered in our local Kentucky high schools. Students take an end-of-course exam and, based on their numerical score, may be awarded college credit for the course.

*Advanced Placement, AP and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board

KDE/College Board Webinar 11.3.2021

AP Exam Fees from College Board

The state of Kentucky will pay for AP Exams for students eligible for College Board fee waivers. The Kentucky Department of Education's (KDE) Computer Science and Information Technology (CS/IT) Academy will also pay for all AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) and AP Computer Science A (CSA) exams for public school students in the state. Finally, the KDE will pay the majority of the cost for all AP standard fee exams as well. ​

State Funding for Fee-Reduced Students

Fee-reduced students are students who qualify for the College Board fee reduction of $34 per exam. For eligibility criteria, visit AP Exam Fee Reductions

For fee-reduced students in public schools, the state of Kentucky will pay:

  • $53 per AP Exam (except AP Seminar and AP Research Exams)

  • $101 per AP Seminar Exam and AP Research Exam

The final fee for any AP Exam (including AP Seminar and AP Research Exams) for fee-reduced students is $0.

State Funding for Standard-Fee Students

Standard-fee students are students who do not qualify for the College Board fee reduction. For standard-fee students in public schools, the state of Kentucky will pay:

  • $77 per AP Exam, excluding AP CSP and AP CSA Exams, taken by standard-fee students.

  • $125 per AP Seminar Exam and AP Research Exam per standard-fee student.

The final fee for any AP Exam (excluding AP CSP and AP CSA Exams) for standard-fee students is $10 per exam, or $19 per exam if the school does not forego their $9 rebate. This rebate is optional for all AP programs.

State Funding for AP CSP and AP CSA Exams

The KDE CS/IT Academy will also pay in full for all AP CSP and AP CSA Exams for public school students in the state. Therefore, for public school students, the state of Kentucky will pay:

  • $87 per AP CSP and AP CSA Exam taken by standard-fee students.

  • $53 per AP CSP and AP CSA Exam taken by fee-reduced students.

The final fee for an AP CSP or AP CSA Exam for any public school student in Kentucky is $0.

What Schools Must Do

Your school's AP coordinator must take the following steps.

Before the exams:

  • For your invoice to accurately reflect any fee reductions, the AP coordinator must indicate the fee reduction status for each eligible student in AP Registration and Ordering.

    • For each student who is eligible for the College Board fee reduction, check the box for reduced fee next to their name in the student roster.

    • For students who aren't eligible for the fee reduction, no action is needed.

    • Once a student's fee reduction status is indicated as reduced or left as standard in AP Registration and Ordering, the Kentucky state subsidies will automatically be calculated and applied.

  • A best practice is to indicate the fee reduction status for each student by the time you submit your exam order, if possible, to ensure you have time to plan for and collect the appropriate exam fees from students. However, if you need more time to verify this information, the deadline to indicate students' fee reduction status in AP Registration and Ordering is April 30, 2022 (11:59 p.m. ET).

After the exams:

  • Your invoice will be sent to you via email after the late-testing administration. At that point, you can also access and print the invoice through AP Registration and Ordering.

  • In summary, College Board will collect AP Exam fees from public schools in Kentucky as follows:

    • Fee-Reduced (Low-Income) Students:

      • $0 per any AP Exam

    • Standard-Fee Students:

      • $10 per AP Exam, excluding AP CSP and AP CSA Exams

    • AP CSP Exams and AP CSA Exams:

      • $0 per AP CSP Exam and AP CSA Exam per fee-reduced student or standard-fee student

    • Additional Fees:

      • The state will not pay for any ancillary fees incurred, such as late order fees, unused/canceled exam fees, etc.

  • College Board will bill KDE directly for its share of the students' AP Exam fees.

  • June 15, 2022 is the postmark deadline for payment due to College Board.

  • AP coordinators do not need to submit a copy of their invoice to the KDE.

  • In the event KDE should ever need to verify the validity of a school's request for fee reductions, all schools receiving AP Exam fee funding from KDE must keep a list of students receiving the fee reductions, including which exams students have taken, on file at their school.

Questions? Email damien.sweeney@education.ky.gov​.​


AP Professional Development Opportunities

Research shows that professional development for teachers increases performance in Advanced Placement courses.​



AdvanceKentucky's mission is to work with local, state and national partners to dramatically expand access to and participation and success in rigorous college-level work in high school, particularly among student populations traditionally underrepresented in these courses.


Regulation 702 KAR 3:220 KDE's interpretation of Regulation 702 KAR 3:220 is that the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) exam fees fall within the fee categories described in this regulation. As such, these fees are to be waived by the district for students who are eligible for free OR reduced price lunch. Therefore, districts should not be collecting any amount of the fee from these students and instead paying the amount, after the federal grant funds are applied, from general funds just like they do for other fees required to be waived for these students by this regulation.

KRS 160.348 (3) While this statute requires costs of the AP examinations to be “… paid by” the KDE, the General Assembly has not provided an appropriation to provide the funding for this statute.

Senate Bill 1 states that school report cards will report the Advanced Placement courses offered, the number of students enrolled, completing and taking the examination for each course, and the percentage of examinees receiving a score of three (3) or better.

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