Individual Learning Plan

Published: 6/13/2018 9:47 AM

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ILP Webinar 06/11/2018​

Link to ILP Guidance Document for 2018-2019

Link to Advising and Transition Toolkit

The Individual Learning Plans or ILPs for Kentucky's 6th grade through 12th grade students are changing how student prepare themselves for their future.  Find information here about implementing and utilizing the ILP system to best benefit students and schools.


To log in to the ILP:
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ILP Troubleshooting Guide- Flowchart and Text ONLY versions

Resources for aligning the ILP with an IEP:
The ILP has many features and resources that involve students on a variety of levels:
  • Exploring careers beginning in the 6th grade
  • Finding careers that match their skills and interests
  • Creating education plans
  • Establishing personal goals and revisiting these as they progress through school
  • Creating, maintaining and changing resumes
  • Tracking and reflecting on their community services experiences, work experiences, career-planning activities, and extra-curricular and organization activities
  • Exploring colleges and postsecondary opportunities that match their career, postsecondary and life goals
  • Connecting to the (Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority) Web site for help with college planning, tuition assistance information and applications
  • Collecting personal information like assessment results, advising activities demographic information and educational history

Kentucky Legislation and the ILP

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