Early Warning/Persistence to Graduation Report

Published: 6/30/2017 1:00 PM

​The Kentucky Board of Education envisions that all students will graduate ready for college and/or careers. To support schools in meeting graduation and CCR goals, the Kentucky Department of Education has developed the Persistence to Graduation Tool and has also recently worked with Infinite Campus to introduce an Early Warning System, which is a data mining tool built within Infinite Campus.

Early Warning Tool Overview

Using Early Warning and Persistence to Graduation Tools Presentation

Early Warning GRAD Score Description​

Using Early Warning versus Persistence to Graduation Report

Persistence to Graduation Report

PATH: KY State Reporting | KDE Reports | Persistence to Graduation
  • Middle and elementary grades will be incorporated in the Early Warning System at a later date. In the meantime, the Persistence to Graduation Report can still be used for these grades.
  • Assigns every student a risk value score based on selected research-based indicators
  • Has two output options - PDF and CSV
  • PDF version only uses current year data
  • CSV version uses current and prior year data (be sure to only run outside of school hours to avoid system performance issues)
  • Since the CSV report can be lengthy and time-consuming to generate, we suggest that schools and districts run it at the beginning and end of the school year only. You may run the PDF version at any time.
Early Warning System
PATH: Student Information | Counseling | Early Warning
  • Uses statistical modeling to measure a student’s dropout risk
  • First iteration will be grades 09-12; lower grades will be incorporated in a later release
  • Maximizes historic predictive accuracy
  • Learns from much more data in order to identify more risk factors
  • Improves over time
  • Uses risk profiles that differ per district, school, grade level, and more
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