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Targeted Interventions

Early Warning and Persistence to Graduation Data Tools

Published: 9/25/2019 10:39 AM

​The Kentucky Board of Education envisions that all students will graduate ready for college and/or careers. To support schools in meeting graduation and CCR goals, the Kentucky Department of Education has developed the Persistence to Graduation Tool and has also recently worked with Infinite Campus to introduce an Early Warning System, which is a data mining tool built within Infinite Campus. The new Early Warning features will allow district and school personnel to better understand what is contributing to each student’s risk of dropping out, and most importantly, what areas of intervention might yield the greatest impact on their journey towards graduation.

Early Warning Demo

One administrator's approach to using Early Warning.

Early Warning System (EW) -  Grades 6-12 
PATH: Student Information | Counseling | Early Warning

The EW Tool uses statistical modeling to measure a student’s dropout risk based on students who previously dropped out from the same school. Early Warning is currently only available for grades 6-12. Elementary grades will be incorporated in a later release. Every student is assigned a GRAD (Graduation-Related Analytic Data) Score based on a multitude of changing data points such as attendance, behavior, grades, enrollment history, demographics, test scores, grades, guardian involvement, household demographics, school type, and more. Due to the use of data mining, Early Warning improves over time. A visual dashboard allows users to view the entire school and see where each individual student score is in relation to other students in that school. Within Early Warning, users can filter in IC, use adhoc groups in IC, and create a watch list of students. Reports can be run anytime and by multiple users.

Persistence to Graduation Report (PtG) - Grades K-12 
Path in Infinite Campus: KY State Reporting | KDE Reports | Persistence to Graduation
The PtG Report is available for all grade levels. Every student is assigned a risk score based attendance, behavior, course performance, and demographics. The report uses live data, meaning the risk score changes anytime there is a change in any indicator. The PtG Report has two output options, PDF and CSV. The PDF version uses only current year data. The CSV version uses current and prior year data (be sure to only run the CSV outside of school hours to avoid system performance issues). Since the CSV report can be lengthy and time-consuming to generate, we suggest that schools and districts run it at the beginning and end of the school year only. You may run the PDF version at any time.

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