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Published: 4/4/2019 9:10 AM
This page contains information related to the Special Education portion of the Student Information System.  Included on this page are links to data standards documents, training information and upcoming events regarding the Student Information System.

Special Education Advisory Group Infinite Campus - SEAGIC 

The Special Education Advisory Group for Infinite Campus (SEAGIC) is charged with the responsibility of making sure that Kentucky’s student information system addresses the special education needs of both local school districts and the Division of Learning Services.  In that capacity, this group makes sure that required data is captured and maintained.  The group also works with the vendor to design forms, reports, and navigation enhancements within the product.  The SEAGIC is comprised of state and local personnel with both programmatic and technical knowledge of special education laws, regulations and program requirements.  This group meets several times throughout the year with representatives of the student information system vendor to provide direction, input, and design forms and reports included in the program.

Regina Brown
Director of Special Education
Letcher County Public Schools

Kim Chevalier
Director of Student Services
Walton Verona Independent
Assistant Director of Special Education
Pulaski Co. Public Schools

Stephen Guthrie
Simpson County

Assistant Director of Special Education
Rowan Co. Public Schools

Charlotte McCoy
Director of Special Education
Knox County Schools

Reed Payne
Placement Specialist
Jefferson Co. Public Schools

Jayne Paynter
Director of Special Education
Boyle County Schools

Todd Russell
Director of Special Education
Spencer County

Donna Schulte
Director of Special Education
Fort Thomas Independent
Director of Special Education
Washington Co. Public Schools
Director of Special Education
Breathitt Co. Public Schools

Tammy Williams
Director of Special Education
Mayfield Independent

​Joseph McCowan
Office of Special Education and Early Learning
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-9850 Ext. 4121
Fax (502) 564-6470
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