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The links on this page provide resources that support teachers, students and parents.
Kentucky Academic Standards for Mathematics
Mathematics Assessments
Minimum Graduation Requirements – 704 KAR 3:305 
Mathematics Design Collaborative
The Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC) brings together effective mathematics teaching and high-quality instructional materials with professional support along with student and teacher reflection. MDC instructional tools are designed to deepen students' understanding of mathematical concepts and develop their ability to apply that knowledge to non-routine problems. MDC utilizes the structure of "formative assessment lessons" or classroom challenges found at the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) Mathematics Assessment Project to drive effective instruction. These lessons are based heavily on the work of Dylan Wiliam’s 5 Key Strategies for Formative Assessment. By focusing on student work, these lessons provide opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency of the content standards and the standards for mathematical practice. Kentucky is a participating state in the Mathematics Design Collaborative and as such has included the MDC work as a strategy in the Novice Reduction for Gap Closure – Instruction action plan (MDC).
Access grades 6-12 lessons along with additional resources to support MDC.
Access grades K-5 lessons. (All Kentucky-created, field-tested elementary lessons are posted on this page. We look forward to posting the next wave of Alpha version eFALs soon – October.)
Parent Resources
Parent Resources for Mathematics page you will find links to resources created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National PTA and the Council of the Great City Schools. These resources provide parents with a roadmap to understanding the math standards along with ideas for supporting student learning. Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) was established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2006 to support diverse teacher and student populations across the Commonwealth. The mission of the Kentucky Center for Mathematics (KCM) is to advance the knowledge and practice of effective mathematics teaching and learning encompassing early childhood through adult education. The KCM provides statewide leadership, facilitates professional learning experiences, and cultivates innovation with the goal of improving mathematics education, practice and policy. The KCM is grounded in research, centered on practice, and focused on learners.

Kentucky Committee for Mathematics Achievement (CMA) is a legislatively-created committee whose purpose is to develop a multifaceted strategic plan to improve student achievement in mathematics at all levels of schooling, pre-kindergarten through postsecondary and adult education.
Competitive Math Grants
The Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) grant provides schools with funds for teacher training (otherwise not provided by the KCM) and implementation of mathematics diagnostic assessment and intervention services and program(s) that address the needs of students in the primary program who are struggling with mathematics.
The Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) program is intended to increase the academic achievement of students in mathematics and science by enhancing the content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers.
The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is the highest recognition that a kindergarten through 12th-grade mathematics or science teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the United States.
Professional Organizations for Mathematics

     KCTM Affiliates

    • ACTM: Asbury Council of Teacher of Mathematics
    • BBCTM: Big Blue Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • CCTM: Cumberland Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • EKCTM: Eastern Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • GLCTM: Greater Louisville Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • KCM: Kentucky Center for Mathematics
    • KYMATYC: Kentucky Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
    • LCTM: Lexington Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • NKCTM: Northern Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • WKCTM: Western Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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​2018-19 High School Mathematics Standards
Matrix Standards by Course

Instructional Resources and
Professional Learning
Mathematics Professional Learning Opportunities This page contains upcoming professional learning opportunities for mathematics.

A Quantile Measure is provided on the K-PREP student report for grades 3 through 8. This measure indicates which mathematical skills a learner is ready for and which ones will require further instruction. Teachers are able to gauge how likely a student is to successfully solve problems on the continuum when provided with targeted instruction.

Program and Classroom Supports

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