Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) Grant

Published: 3/6/2019 2:58 PM

The Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF) grant provides schools with funds for teacher training and implementation of intervention services that address the needs of students in the primary program who are struggling with meeting grade level or benchmark expectations for mathematics.  The intervention services should promote effective instructional practices in mathematics.  Selected mathematics intervention services should be based on data specific to the needs of the identified students.   

As specified in KRS 158.844, the intervention services selected must:  

  • be provided to a student by a certified teacher with training in intervention services for primary students 
  • be based on reliable, replicable research; and 
  • be based on the ongoing assessment of individual student needs. 

The mathematics intervention services and programs selected by schools will determine the instructional method required for implementation (e.g., one on one, students grouped for the specific purpose of receiving appropriate intervention services). 
The fiscal agent for the application for public schools must be a local school district. 

Please contact Erin Chavez at with any questions the MAF grant.  


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