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Kentucky System of Intervention (KSI)

Published: 8/19/2019 1:57 PM

The KSI is a framework for providing a systematic, comprehensive multi-tiered system of supports to address academic and behavioral needs for all students, preschool through grade 12. 

Although KSI incorporates a 3-tier model, schools may configure a framework with 4 or more tiers of intervention based on their available resources. Practitioners should understand a framework becomes more complex with the addition of tiers. More information on the tier system may be found on our KSI Tier Description page

The KDE has developed a guidance document, A Guide to the Kentucky System of Interventions, to provide resources in planning and decision making as districts and schools develop a system of interventions to meet the needs of all students.

Please contact intervention@education.ky.gov with any questions.

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