Review, Analyze, and Apply Data

Published: 9/29/2017 1:26 PM

Schools in Kentucky have mounds of data available to help drive their continuous improvement planning efforts. How do you choose which data to use? Do you have a systematic process for analyzing your data? Does your data analysis drive your continuous improvement planning efforts? Resources on this page will help you effectively use data to improve your school practices that will reduce novice performance.

Review, Analyze and Apply Data audio link

Click on the image below to access interactive and printable diagnostic tools, which addresses each component of reviewing, analyzing and applying data to school processes to bolster core instruction leading to novice reduction. 
Review, Analyze and Apply
Review: How do we know the data we have is the right data to drive our work?

Analyze: Do we have processes in place for determining the reasons why the data is what it is?

Apply: Do we have a focused plan for improvement based on what we have learned for the data?

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