Continuous Improvement and Assessment

Continuous Improvement and Assessment

Published: 5/7/2018 3:03 PM

How will we know they know it?

Imagine this scenario...

Because teachers in the building were diligently developing student growth goals, the principal wanted to make them meaningful and valuable, not just about being compliant. Some teachers were working together to review formative student assessment data and use it to develop their goals. Others were not. The principal knew those reviewing formative student assessment data were using effective assessment literacy practices. So a plan needed to be created to scale this work throughout the building. Using the teacher leaders who were already using effective assessment literacy practices, the principal developed PLCs to help teachers understand what assessment literacy is and how to use it to develop and review student growth goals thus impacting student learning across the building. As more and more teachers analyzed multiple formative classroom assessment data to determine where each student was in his/her learning, and then adjusted instruction to meet the students’ needs, more and more students began to learn at deeper levels than ever before.

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