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School - Based Decision Making

School-Based Decision Making - Training

Published: 2/11/2022 11:38 AM

​The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) offers several school-based decision making (SBDM) training modules at no cost to Kentucky's schools and districts. For more detailed information on each KDE module, as well as other KDE-approved SBDM training modules that are offered by individuals and organizations outside of the KDE, please review the SBDM Training Modules Flyer.

Each module that is offered by KDE can be found below, as well as all accompanying materials. To obtain EILA certificates for any of the SBDM modules, please request those by email to the SBDM consultant. If you are a new trainer, you may find the Tr​aining Materials' Guidance webinar​ and script helpful, as both provide information on how to effectively use the training materials on the SBDM website to train council members. If you have any questions about any of the modules below and/or SBDM training requirements in general, please contact the SBDM consultant.

​SBDM training modules include the following topics:

  1. SBDM 101 Module
  2. Advanced SBDM Module
  3. Bylaws and Policies Module
  4. Roles and Responsibilities Module
  5. Teamwork for Achievement Module
  6. Council's Role with Continuous Improvement Module
  7. School Councils and Budgets Module
  8. Online School Councils and Budgets: School Councils and Budgets is also available as a free, self-paced online course through KET's Moodle Platform. To access the course, follow the steps found on the School Councils and Budgets Online Training document.
  9. Equitable Decision-Making Module

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