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Pupil Transportation

Year Round Calendar and Events

Published: 5/7/2019 1:16 PM


​August​Bus Evacuation #1-first full week of school
August 1 – Bus Incident reports due for prior fiscal year
​September​Sept 1 – Download, update and email bus inventory for depreciation
​October​Oct 1 – Inform KISTA if buses are to be financed
Oct 1 – School Bus Ordering System Live
Oct 14 – School Bus inventory due for processing
​November​Nov 1 – Transportation Growth Factor Adjustment Form Due
Nov 1 – Last day to inform KISTA for bus financing
Nov 15- Late bus orders due for May Delivery (No guarantee of May delivery after this date.)
​December​Dec 30th - Download and verify school bus inventory data from KDE
​January​Bus Evacuation #3 – first full week of school after winter break
​March/April​First new Driver Trainer Instructor workshop - Spring Break
​May​May 31- KY School for the Deaf & Blind Daily Form due
May 31-KY School for the Deaf & Blind Resident Form due
​June​Pupil Transportation Summer Training Conferences:
- Kentucky Association of Pupil Transportation (KAPT)
- Student Transportation Association of Kentucky (STAK)
- Inspectors attend required 4 hour update training
- Driver trainers attend required 6 hour update training
- June 30 - Transportation End of Year Form Due
​July​July 8- Certification of Transportation Mileage Due CDL Annual Physical - Prior to expiration send to KY Transportation Cabinet
​Continuous​Update medical and license Information in Bus Driver database
​School Year

​School Bus Safety Training- throughout the school year for P-12

​Summer​Bus Driver 8 Hour Update - After last day of School and before 1st day
​First Semester​​Bus evacuation #1-First full week after start of school
Bus evacuation #2- before the end of first semester
​Second SemesterBus evacuation #3- First full week after winter break
​Bus evacuation #4-second semester before the end of school
​Driver Trainers

​New Driver Trainer Instructor workshops are during the spring break and summer breaks

6 Hour Updates for returning Driver Trainers occurs during the summer break

Driver Review 1 – within 5 days of completion of core curriculum instruction

Driver Review 2 – 20-30 days after Driver Review 1

​New Drivers​Driver Review 3 – 3-6 months after Driver Review 2



 Elisa Hanley - elisa.hanley@education.ky.gov or 502-564-5279 x 4406

Monica Napier- monica.napier@education.ky.gov or 502-564-5279 x 4436

Carl Meehan- carl.meehan@education.ky.gov or 502-564-5279 x 4442

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