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Year Round Calendar and Events

Published: 12/6/2022 10:56 AM

2023 Transportation Safety Calendar​​​





Bus Evacuation #1 – First full week of school

August 1st – Bus Incident Reports due for prior fiscal year​


September 1st – Download, update and email bus inventory for depreciation


​October 1st – Inform KISTA if buses are to be financed
October 1st – School Bus Ordering System Live
October 14th – School Bus inventory due for processing​


November 1st – Transportation Growth Factor Adjustment Form due
November 1st – Last day to inform KISTA for bus financing
November 15th – Late bus orders due for May delivery (No guarantee of May delivery after this date.)


Dece​mber 30th – Download and verify school bus inventory data from KDE


​Bus Evacuation #3 – First full week of school after Winter Break


First new Driver Trainer Instructor workshop – Spring Break


May 31st – Kentucky School for the Deaf & Blind Daily Form due
May 31st – Kentucky School for the Deaf & Blind Resident Form due


Pupil Transportation Summer Training Conferences:

  • Kentucky Association of Pupil Transportation (KAPT)
  • Student Transportation Association of Kentucky (STAK)
Inspectors attend required 4-hour update training
Driver trainers attend required 6-hour update training
June 30th – Transportation End of Year Form Due​


​July 8th – Certification of Transportation Mileage Due
CDL Annual Physical - Prior to expiration, please update in the KDE Web Apps Driver Database and send a copy of the certificate to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet​​


​Update medical and license Information in KDE WebApps Bus Driver Database

​School Year

School Bus Safety Training – throughout the school year for P-12


Bus Driver 8 Hour Update – After last day of school and before 1st day

​First Semester

Bus Evacuation #1 – First full week after start of school

Bus Evacuation #2 – Before the end of first semester​

​Second Semester

Bus Evacuation #3 – First full week after Winter Break
​Bus Evacuation #4 – Second semester before the end of school​

​Driver Trainers

New Driver Trainer Instructor workshops are during the Spring Break and Summer Breaks

6-Hour Updates for returning Driver Trainers occurs during Summer Break

Driver Review #1 – within 5 days of completion of core curriculum instruction

Driver Review #2 – approximately 20-30 days after Driver Review #1

​New Drivers

​Driver Review 3 – 3-6 months after Driver Review #2​



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