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Published: 4/28/2023 7:32 AM

​​​​​KDE WebApps Information

School district personnel must have access to KDE WebApps to enter data into KDE’s School Bus Incident Reporting Database and School Bus Driver Database. School district personnel must first register for a WebApps account​, complete the steps in the follow-up verification email ​​​and then obtain permission through the local district Web Apps Admin Point of Contact (WAAPOC) for local district approval. Once completed, please contact Monica Napier via email​ or by calling (502) 564-5279 Ext. 4436 to finalize the registration process.

View list of school district Web App Admin Point of Contact (WAAPOC)

​Annual School Bus Incident Reports

Public and independent school districts in Kentucky are responsible for reporting school bus incidents in KDE's School Bus Incident Reporting Database. School district personnel must login using their school district email address and password.

If you have questions, please contact Monica Napier via email or by calling (502) 564-5279 Ext. 4436.

View 2021-2022 Annual School Bus Incident Report

Historical Incident Reports

2020-2021 Annual School Bus Incident Report​
2019-2020 Annual School Bus Incident Report​​
2018-2019 Annual School Bus Incident Report
2017-2018 Annual School Bus Incident Report​
2016-2017 Annual School Bus Incident Report

Each year the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) compiles data from each of the 50 states and distributes the Annual Loading and Unloading Survey which reports children killed in the loading and unloading "zone" or area around a school bus. The data received from the Kentucky Incident Reporting system is provided to the KSDE. The finalized annual reports are available on the National Loading and Unloading Survey website.

School Bus Driver Reports 

Certified School Bus Driver Training Instructors must submit information for each bus driver in KDE's Bus Driver Database verifying that their required training is complete, CDL information and medical exam certificate is valid and up-to-date. District personnel must login using their district email address and password.​

School Bus Driver Database
Reset Password or Recover Username
Submit School Bus Driver CDL Information to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet​

If you have questions, please contact Monica Napier via email or by calling (502) 564-5279 Ext. 4436​.

Cost Per Mile Calculator

The Cost Per Mile Calculator should be used to determine the cost per mile for extra-curricular trips.

View Cost Per Mile Calculation for Districts​​

Kentucky Pupil Transportation Statistics
2021-2022 ​(Affected by COVID-19)​
School Bus Drivers: 8,795
School Buses: 9,488
School Bus Driver Training Instructors: 713
School Bus Inspectors: 567
School Bus Routes: 7,668
Total miles traveled: 52,874,858
Miles to and from school only: 43,739,883

2020-2021 (Affected by COVID-19)
Total miles traveled: 83,339,305
Miles to and from school only: 70,642,623

2019-2020 (Affected by COVID-19)
Total miles traveled: 107,992,620
Miles to and from school only: 94,165,052

Total miles traveled: 113,111,069

Miles to and from school only: 93,826,566​

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