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Published: 1/3/2023 9:54 AM

Driver Trainers

2023 Bus Inspector 4-Hour Update Schedule - To Be Announced​​

​Additional Materials
These materials can be used during the 8 hour update for drivers or for additional refresher training. 

The Kentucky Department of Education has compiled videos and other formats for districts to use in training both drivers and students. These videos are taken from various websites. Some websites may require you to sign in to their site. Please feel free to use the content to enhance safety in your districts.​

CDC Tool Kit for Managing Food Allergies in Schools

CDC’s tool kit contains tip sheets, training presentations, and podcasts to help school staff implement the Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in order to prevent and manage severe allergic reactions in schools.

NHSTA School Bus Driver In-Service Training Safety Series
This refresher training provides nine lesson modules on driving a school bus. The intended audience is experienced school bus drivers.

This is an in-service training program, not a training program for new drivers. Adverse Weather Conditions, Driver Attitude, Emergency Evacuation, Highway Rail Grade Crossing, Know your Route, Loading and Unloading, Student Management, Students with Special Needs, Vehicle Training 

Operation Lifesaver Rail Safety (18:00) This training provides video, handouts, facilitation guide and a quiz game.

Seizure First Aid Training (13:52) The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia has created a video approximately 14 minutes long explaining seizures and how to react to a situation.

School Bus Fire Training (12:15) This video is of a fire department doing training on a school bus fire. In under a minute the bus is engulfed in smoke. In under two minutes flames are shooting from the top of the bus.

Rear Door Evacuation (2:08) This video demonstrates a rear door evacuation.

Special Education Bus Evacuation- In Under 1 1/2 Minutes (1:47) A Special Education school bus emergency evacuation in less than a minute and a half.

School Bus Procedure Video (17:23) This video is from the Transportation Department of the Boone County Schools. The video goes over driver pre-trip check procedures, proper bus evacuations, proper student pick up procedures and procedures for carrying large items such as musical instruments on the school bus.

The First Observer™ Program is a voluntary program that provides transportation professionals with training on effectively observing, assessing and reporting suspicious individuals, vehicles, packages and objects.
There are three videos and a certificate available.

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