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Title II, Part A, Teacher and Principal Quality

Title II, Part A, Supporting Effective Instruction

Published: 5/15/2020 10:01 AM

Title II, Part A funds are provided to districts to increase student academic achievement through strategies such as improving teacher and principal effectiveness and increasing the number of highly qualified and effective teachers in the classroom and highly qualified and effective principals and assistant principals in schools.


​Allowable uses of Title II, Part A funds include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Support personnel evaluation systems
  • Recruit, hire, and retain highly qualified and effective teachers and principals;
  • Teacher advancement initiatives that emphasize multiple career paths
  • Provide professional learning activities that improve the knowledge and effectiveness of teachers, principals and superintendents
  • Establish induction and mentoring programs;
  • Provide professional learning, course work and exams to assist educators to become highly qualified


Program Requirements:
  • Districts must conduct an assessment of local needs for professional learning and hiring.  There should be a clear connection between identified needs and Title II, Part A activities.
  • Title II, Part A activities must be 1) aligned with state standards; 2) based on a review of research; and 3) designed to have a substantial, measureable, and positive impacts on student achievement.
  • District must target funds to school that 1) have the lowest proportion of highly qualified teachers; 2) have the largest average class size; or 3) are identified as a priority or focus school.
  • Districts must ensure that all professional learning activities are coordinated with other federal, state and locally funded professional learning.
  • Districts must ensure that teachers, paraprofessionals, principals and other relevant school personnel, and parents collaborate in the planning of all Title II program activities.
  • Districts shall use Title II, Part A funds to get teachers highly qualified.
  • The Title II program is evaluated for effectiveness.


Equitable Distribution of Teachers

An important step in closing the achievement gap for all students is to implement strategies to ensure that every student has the same opportunity to be taught by highly qualified and effective teachers regardless of which school they attend.  Equitable distribution of teachers and students means identifying teacher strengths and talents and placing them to best meet the needs of the students. 

High Quality Professional Learning

The professional learning includes activities that:

  • Improve and increase teachers' knowledge of the subjects they teach and enable teachers to become Highly Qualified
  • Are an integral part of the school and district improvement plans
  • Are high quality, sustained, intensive, and classroom-focused
  • Are ongoing not just a 1 or 2 day workshop or conference
  • Advance teacher understanding of effective instructional strategies that improve teacher practice
  • Are evaluated for effectiveness of implementation


For more information on high quality professional learning go to:

District Title II coordinators can use the documents and resources on this page to assist in the implementation and oversight of the Title II, Part A program.  Please return to this site for additional news and updates.



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