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Allegation Reporting

Published: 9/7/2018 3:54 PM

​A violation of 703 KAR 5:080, Administration Code for Kentucky's Assessment Program, or 703 KAR 5070, Inclusion of Special Populations in the State Required Assessment and Accountability Program results in a testing allegation. The link below is intended for District Assessment Coordinators to report allegations of inappropriate testing practices. Passwords are required to access the Web application and can be obtained by contacting your District Web Application Administrator.

​Download this document, Steps to Completing Allegation Application Page, before going to the Allegation Reporting Web Application.


List of required documents to be submitted with the allegation report:
  1. Notarized Statements written and signed by each individual involved (teacher, proctor, BAC, principal and/or others) Kentucky Notarized Statement.  One statement signed by multiple individuals is not acceptable. 
  2. Testing Schedule 
  3. Seating Chart and Room number 
  4. Verification of Administration Code Training 
  5. Appropriate Assessment Practices Certification Form  
  6. Nondisclosure Agreement  
  7. Student Name & SSID
For an allegation involving special education:
  • Submit documentation of verification of student test accommodation(s).
  • Submit verification of staff having received Inclusion of Special Populations training.
  • Submit a signed copy of the Code of Ethics, record of testing room and test administrator for allegations regarding alternate assessment.

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