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Published: 11/27/2018 2:47 PM

The Division Assessment and Accountability Support (DAAS) is charged with supporting the efforts of the District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and school level personnel as they implement Kentucky’s assessment and accountability system.

From the logistics of testing, to the Administration Code, the interpretation of the Kentucky Assessment results and the application of test results to the improvement of instruction, the DAS aids the efforts for all schools to reach proficiency.

Below are e-mails sent from the Communications Branch of the Division of Assessment Support in the Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) to DACs.

Individual e-mails provide reminders of upcoming events and deadlines, address changes in policy and procedure, answer frequently asked questions, and provide documents and forms to those implementing state assessments in the field, including K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP, High School Assessments, Dual Credit and more.

DAC Communications
DescriptionPublication DateDownload
Kentucky Board of Education Meeting Notes Press Release12/7/2018Special DAC Email 20181207.pdf
School Report Card – Education Opportunity Domain Open for Verification and Validation 12/5/2018Special DAC Email 20181205 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Kindergarten Screen Data to be Discussed at Kentucky Board of Education Meeting, ACCESS for ELLs Rosters Open in SDRR, Alt K-PREP: SRD and Test Window Closing, Grade 10 TAR, CTE End of Program Assessment, Scores Added to IC, ACT Online Site Readiness12/3/2018DAC Email 20181203.pdf
School Report Card (SRC) Webcast December 4 at 3:30, Validation Tool Open12/3/2018Special DAC Email 20181203 SRCC and DAC.pdf
School Report Card (SRC) Webcast Rescheduled to December 411/27/2018Special DAC Email 20181127 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Grade 10 ACT Administration, Accountability Data in Open House, ACT Participation Deadline, CTE End-of-Program, November DAC Webcast Recording11/26/2018DAC Email 20181126.pdf
School Report Card Verification and Validation Tool Opening Delayed11/20/2018Special DAC Email 20181120 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Updated Data Files from Data Review, 2017-2018 Assessment Data in Infinite Campus (IC), ACT Accommodations Webinar, Assessment Scores in IC11/19/2018DAC Email 20181119.pdf
November 19, 2018 School Report Card – Data Review Window Official Opening, Monday, November 2611/19/2018Special DAC Email 20181119 SRCC and DAC.pdf
School Report Card - Data Review Window and Validation Tool - Opening Soon11/13/2018Special DAC Email 20181113 SRCC and DAC.pdf
K-PREP Science Blueprint, Grade 10 Field Test, Alternate K-PREP Attainment Task (AT) Issues, Technology Issue for WIDA Online Screener, School Report Card-Data Review Opening Soon11/13/2018Special DAC Email 20181113.pdf
November Monthly DAC Webcast11/8/2018Special DAC Email 20181108.pdf
EOC Exams for Early Graduate Program, ACT Face-to-Face Trainings, Online Test Administration BAC Survey, November DAC Webcast11/5/2018DAC Email 20181105.pdf
ACT Q&A Webinar, Alternate K-PREP AT Training, Window 1 Alternate K-PREP Open, ACT Test Coordinator Email, ACT Scores in PearsonAccessNext Closing10/29/2018DAC Email 20181029.pdf
School Profile Reports Deadline of October 31 for the School Report Card10/29/2018Special DAC Email 20181029 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Division of Assessment Support Vacancies Posted10/24/2018Special DAC Email 20181024.pdf
Growth Indicator Work Group Convened by Commissioner of Education10/23/2018Special DAC Email 20181023.pdf
October DAC Webcast, Window 1 Alternate K-PREP Materials, Student Registration Database (SRD), RTA and MAF in Infinite Campus, CTE EOP Assessment and TRACK Testing Window10/22/2018DAC Email 20181022.pdf
School Profile Reports Deadline of October 3110/22/2018Special DAC Email 20181022 SRCC and DAC.pdf
School Profile Report Deadline for School Report Card Contacts10/15/2018Special DAC Email 20181015 SRCC and DAC.pdf
ACT Test Dates, 2018-2019 Dropout Guidelines, ACCESS for ELLs Materials Ordering Instructions, Inclusion of Special Populations Training Update, K-PREP Scores in Infinite Campus (IC)10/15/2018DAC Email 20181015.pdf
School Report Card - School Profile Report Printing and After10/9/2018Special DAC Email 20181009 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Alternate K-PREP Materials for Window 1, October Monthly DAC Webcast10/8/2018DAC Email 20181008.pdf
Printing Instructions for the School Profile Report10/2/2018Special DAC Email 20181002 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Updated District and School Listing Data Files in PearsonAccessnext, Testing Schedule for Alternate and ACCESS for ELLs, National ACT Uploaded to IC, ACT Scores Being Removed from PearsonAccessnext, SDRR QA Session, WIDA ACCESS Webinars10/1/2018DAC Email 20181001.pdf
Embargo Lifted on Public Release of School Accountability Data, Official Data Review Period Begins9/26/2018Special DAC Email 20180926.pdf
School Report Card Collection Tool Open, School Profile Report Information Due in October9/25/2018Special DAC Email 20180925 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Media Briefing Packet, News Release and FAQ for Accountability Data Release9/24/2018Special DAC Email 20180924.pdf
CSI & TSI Resources from District 180 at KDE, Alternate K-PREP TAR Training & Quiz, Dual Credit Course Setup for Transition Readiness, K-PREP and Alt K-PREP Individual Student Reports, SDRR Skype Sessions9/24/2018DAC Email 20180924.pdf
Announcement to Superintendents and DACs from Commissioner That Embargoed Data is Available9/24/2018Special Superintendent and DAC Email 20180924.pdf
School Report Card - School Profile Report Timeline9/21/2018Special DAC Email 20180921 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Embargoed Data and Superintendents9/21/2018Special DAC Email 20180921 Num 2.pdf
Commissioner's Email to Superintendents Regarding Accountability Data Release9/21/2018Special DAC Email 20180921.pdf
Preparing for the School Report Card - Collector Items Opening September 249/18/2018Special DAC Email 20180918 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Updated Quality Control (QC) Day Spreadsheets Available with CSI/TSI Changes9/18/2018Special DAC Email 20180918.pdf
Preparing for the Public Release of Data, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training and Quiz9/17/2018DAC Email 20180917.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Training and Schedule9/13/2018Special DAC Email 20180913.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Follow-Up9/13/2018Special DAC Email 20180913 Part 2.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Timeline, SDRR Feedback Requested, SAT Scores Publishing to IC, AP Scores Publishing to IC, Scott Trimble Workshop on Assessment Registration Open9/10/2018DAC Email 20180910.pdf
2018 K-PREP Student Data Including Science Available Sept 7 in PearsonAccessnext, Next Steps for Accountability Reporting: Kentucky Board of Education Approved School Performance Levels for Accountability9/6/2018Special DAC Email 20180906.pdf
Performance Level Cut Scores Updated with Science, 2018 Science Results Released, 2018-19 EOC Early Graduate Requirements, OAA Staff Updates9/4/2018Special DAC Email 20180904.pdf
2017-18 Preliminary Science Scores (Tested Students) Released in Open House, OAA Positions Filled8/31/2018Special DAC Email 20180831.pdf
PearsonAccessnext Closing to Upload Science Reports8/29/2018Special DAC Email 20180829.pdf
From Commissioner's Monday Message: 2018-2019 EOC Guidance for the Early Graduation Certificate 8/28/2018Special DAC Email 20180828.pdf
State of Education Address, Well Wishes, Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Trainings, School-Level Spending Per Student Calculations for SRC, Combined Alternate Assessment Overview/AT Training Open, Math Webinar for EL Teachers8/27/2018DAC Email 20180827.pdf
Updated Spreadsheets From the August Data Review Available8/24/2018Special DAC Email 20180824.pdf
Accountability Standards Setting Meeting, Group Recommends Profile for Lowest Performing Schools8/23/2018Special DAC Email 20180823.pdf
Consultant Position in OAA, Accountability Standard Setting Meeting, AT Trainings, Tactically-Enhanced Materials for Alternate Assessment, August DAC Webcast, Assessment Cut Scores, NAEP Selected Schools, Updates from Data Review8/20/2018DAC Email 20180820.pdf
Review of School Safety Data for the New School Report Card (SRC)8/20/2018Special DAC Email 20180820 SRCC and DAC.pdf
Quality Control Fall Data Review, Continuous Improvement Summit8/13/2018DAC Email 20180813.pdf
Fall Data Review Continuing, 2018 K-PREP Student Data Available in PearsonAccessnext8/10/2018Special DAC Email 20180810.pdf
2018 August DAC Webcast - Alternate K-PREP & Science Standards8/9/2018Special DAC Email 20180809.pdf
Pre-Quality Control Data Review Information8/8/2018Special DAC Email 20180808.pdf
Fall Data Review Opening, Alternate Assessment Calendar, August DAC Webcast8/6/2018DAC Email 20180806.pdf
School Report Card Contacts: Information to Assist the WAAPOC, First Validation Window Opens for Safe Schools Data8/4/2018Special DAC Email 20180804 SRCC and DAC.pdf
July 31 Commissioner’s Monday Message Includes: KBE Meets, Proposed New HS Grad Requirements, Course Codes and Opportunity and Access, KDE Reorganization, Alt Assessment Waiver Comment, WAAPOC Notification: School Report Card8/1/2018Special DAC Email 20180801.pdf
ACT Student Performance Levels, Spring 2019 State Testing and Accountability Updates, SDRR: 2018 Data Review, CTE EOP Assessment, WIDA Updates7/30/2018DAC Email 20180731.pdf
July DAC Webcast - ACCESS for ELLs and Data Review7/25/2018Special DAC Email 20180725.pdf
New Accountability System Trainings - Growth and Graduation Rate Indicators, 2018-19 Through Course Tasks (TCT) for Science7/23/2018DAC Email 20180723.pdf
Commissioner's Email to Superintendents regarding changes to accountability7/23/2018Special DAC Email 20180723.pdf

KDE DAC Information
Office of Assessment and Accountability
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-4394
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