Published: 8/16/2017 3:54 PM

The Division of Support and Research is charged with supporting the efforts of the District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and school level personnel as they implement Kentucky’s assessment and accountability system, Unbridled Learning: College/Career-Ready for All.

From the logistics of testing, to the Administration Code, the interpretation of the Kentucky Assessment results and the application of test results to the improvement of instruction, the Division of Assessment Support aids the efforts for all schools to reach proficiency.

Below are e-mails sent from the Communications Branch of the Division of Assessment Support in the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) to DACs.

Individual e-mails provide reminders of upcoming events and deadlines, address changes in policy and procedure, answer frequently asked questions, and provide documents and forms to those implementing state assessments in the field, including K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP, ACT, KYOTE and End-of-Course Assessments.

Special DAC Email 20170817 Summary Spreadsheets Issue.docx
8/17/2017Updated Summary Data Spreadsheets Available
Special DAC Email 20170817.docx
8/17/2017Summary Data Available, Public Comment Sought on Every Student Succeeds Act Plan
Special DAC Email 20170816.docx
8/16/2017Free/Reduced-Price Lunch Status Issue in Data Review (SDRR), District and School Summary Data Coming Soon
Special DAC Email 20170815.docx
8/15/2017Commissioner's Monday Message on August 15 - Several articles of interest regarding English Learners, End of Course and more
DAC Email 20170814.docx
8/14/2017Back to School Trainings, Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) Special Meeting, August Monthly DAC Webcast Recording, DAC Spotlight - Erlanger-Elsmere Independent Schools
Special DAC Email 20170814.docx
8/14/2017Pre-Quality Control (QC) Data Review Now Open
Special DAC Email 20170810 PearsonAccess.docx
8/10/2017K-PREP Individual Student Reports Available in PearsonAccess
Special DAC Email 20170810 Webcast.docx
8/10/2017August DAC Webcast
Special DAC Email 20170809 SRCC.docx
8/9/2017School Report Card Contacts (SRCC) August 30 Deadlines
DAC Email 20170807.docx
8/7/2017Alternate K-PREP Test Requirements, Alternate K-PREP Calendar, Alternate K-PREP Resource, Assessment Score Issue in IC
Special DAC Email 20170803.docx
8/3/2017Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) Reviews Accountability Regulation
DAC Email 20170731.docx
7/31/2017Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) to Discuss Accountability System August 2, KOSSA Activities
DAC Email 20170724.docx
7/24/2017KDE ACT WorkKeys Closed, Alternate K-PREP Calendar of Events, Assessments Scores Added to Infinite Campus (IC)
Special DAC Email 20170720.docx
7/20/2017News Release - Alternate Assessment Waiver to the Limit of the Number of Students Participating in Alternate Assessment
Special DAC Email 20170718.docx
7/18/2017Commissioner's Monday Message to Superintendents, Industry-Recognized Certifications, KDE Hosts Civics Symposium, KACTE Training Offered, Request for High School Biology Teachers for Development of EOC Biology Assessment
DAC Email 20170717.docx
7/17/2017Inclusion Regulation Updated, ACCESS for ELLs Administrator Passwords, EOC Biology Exam Creation, July DAC Webcast, KAAC New DAC Seminar, New Pearson Customer Support Process
Special DAC Email 20170712.docx
7/12/2017July DAC Monthly Webcast Time Change for the Afternoon of July 13
Special DAC Email 20170711.docx
7/11/2017Message from Commissioner Pruitt Regarding Proposed Accountability System, Including Draft Regulation 703 KAR 5:270
Special DAC Email 20170711 SRCC.docx
7/11/2017School Report Card Contact (SRCC) Email #2, Communication with Appropriate Person, Future of SRC, SRC 2016-17 Data, Current and Upcoming Tasks
DAC Email 20170710.docx
7/10/2017WIDA Online Screener, ACT Symposium Request for Proposals, DAC Spotlight - Washington County
DAC Email 20170703.docx
7/3/2017National ACT Scores in IC, PearsonAccessNext Closing for Maintenance, KAAC New DAC Seminar, Regional Civics Symposiums, DAC Spotlight - Christian County
DAC Email 20170626.docx
6/26/2017End-of-Course (EOC) Applicant Submissions for the Development of Algebra II and English II EOC Assessments, DAC Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms Required
DAC Email 20170619.docx
6/19/2017ACT November Trainings, WorkKeys and KOSSA Data Uploaded to TEDS, Early Graduation Certification Requirements, ACT Junior Scores Loaded to IC, Kentucky Board of Education June Notes
Special DAC Email 20170613.docx
6/13/2017Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) Discusses Accountability System
DAC Email 20170612.docx
6/12/2017Early Graduation Certificate Requirements, June DAC Webcast, School Reconfiguration Requests, SDRR Rosters Closing, Graduation End Status in IC for CCR Reports
Special DAC Email 20170607.docx
6/7/2017Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) Meeting Today, Accountability System Discussion Materials Included
DAC Email 20170605.docx
6/5/2017KBE Discussing New Accountability System, Civics Test Information, KDE Hosts Civics Symposium, June Monthly DAC Webcast, KAAC Offers New DAC Training Seminar, DAC Spotlight - Hart County
Special DAC Email 20170530.docx
5/30/2017Question & Answer Document from SB1 April Webcast, School Service Areas - Reconfiguration Requests
Special DAC Email 20170524.docx
5/24/2017KDE Comissioner Pruitt's Email to Superintendents Outlining the Changes in Accountability and Testing
DAC Email 20170522.docx
5/22/2017Cohort Student Listings in SDRR, ACT QualityCore EOC Deadlines, ACT Policy for ELs, WIDA Online Screener Training, DAC Changes, Science Instructional Materials Review Applicant Request, DAC & BAC of the Year Nominations, KAAC Workshop Proposals
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