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Published: 9/24/2019 10:48 AM

The Division of Assessment and Accountability Support (DAAS) is charged with supporting the efforts of the District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and school-level personnel as they implement Kentucky’s assessment and accountability system.

From the logistics of testing, to the Administration Code, the interpretation of the Kentucky Assessment results and the application of test results to the improvement of instruction, the DAAS aids the efforts for all schools to reach proficiency.

Below are e-mails sent from the Communications Branch of the Division of Assessment and Accountability Support in the Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) to DACs.

Individual e-mails provide reminders of upcoming events and deadlines, address changes in policy and procedure, answer frequently asked questions, and provide documents and forms to those implementing state assessments in the field, including K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP, High School Assessments, Dual Credit and more.

DAC Communications
DescriptionPublication DateDownload
Data Review Period, Dropout Guidelines, Individual Student Reports in PearsonAccessNext, Monthly DAC Webcast, SDRR Survey and Thank You10/7/2019DAC Email 20191007.pdf
Public Data Release Resources, Data Review, Long Term Goals, Additional Data Sets10/1/2019Special DAC Email 20191001.pdf
K-PREP Student Data Available in PearsonAccessNext (PAN), 2019-2020 EOC Pathway Materials Ordering, ACCESS for ELLs Test Materials, ACT Data and Reports Removed, Data Reivew, Scores in IC, Alternate Assessment TAR Training, PAN Accounts9/30/2019DAC Email 20190930.pdf
Additional Materials for Public Release Available9/27/2019Special DAC Email 20190927.pdf
Embargoed Data Timeline Begins Friday, September 27 at 8 a.m. ET9/26/2019Special DAC Email 20190926.pdf
Public Release October 1, Alternate K-PREP Training, Bias Review Committees, Cautions for Buying Software for State Testing9/23/2019DAC Email 20190923.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Two - No Systemic Issues Found9/19/2019Special DAC Email No 3 20190919.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Two Morning Follow-up9/19/2019Special DAC Email No 2 20190919.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Two Begins at 9 a.m. ET9/19/2019Special DAC Email 20190919.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day Two, Superintendent Webcast, Public Release Resources9/18/2019Special DAC Email 20190918.pdf
Quality Control Day Two Scheduled, Commissioner's Monday Message - Superintendent's Webcast to Discuss Federal Designations9/17/2019Special DAC Email 20190917.pdf
Quality Control Day Two, Academic Standards Assessment Blueprint Next Steps, Bias Review Participants Sought, WIDA Updates9/16/2019DAC Email 20190916.pdf
QC Day One - Wrap-up email9/11/2019Special DAC Email No 2 20190911.pdf
QC Day One - Morning email9/11/2019Special DAC Email No 1 20190911.pdf
Pre-Quality Control (QC) Day One Webinar9/10/2019Special DAC Email 20190910.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day One Confirmed, Commissioner Accepts 5-Star Recommendations from Panel, Alt K-PREP Grade 10 Reading, WIDA Website Walkthrough, ACT Reports Removed from PAN, Bias Review Participants, ACCESS for ELLs Manuals9/9/2019DAC Email 20190909.pdf
Preparing for Quality Control (QC) Day, K-3 Intervention Survey, Scott Trimble Workshop on Assessment9/3/2019DAC Email 20190903.pdf
Quality Control (QC) Day, 2018-2019 K-PREP Cut Scores, Alternate Assessment Attainment Tasks (AT) Training, WIDA AMS DRC Transition to COS8/26/2019DAC Email 20190826.pdf
K-Screen Nonparticipation Rosters, Alternate Assessment Visually Impaired Materials, Alternate K-PREP Resources, Combined Overview/AT Training and Quiz, WIDA ACCESS Placement Test (K-W-APT) Training8/19/2019DAC Email 20190819.pdf
Pre-QC Data Review Closed, Accountability System Standard Setting Meetings8/16/2019Special DAC Email 20190816.pdf
Pre-QC Data Review Ending August 168/15/2019Special DAC Email 20190815.pdf
Accountability Standards Setting, AP and IB Scores in Infinite Campus (IC), August DAC Webcast, Continuous Improvement Summit, Teacher and Content Specialists Needed, Through Course Task Guidance (Science)8/12/2019DAC Email 20190812.pdf
Pre-Quality Control Data Review Spreadsheets Available8/12/2019Special DAC Email 20190812.pdf
Pre-Quality Control Data Review Open, Accountability and Fall Trainings, School Rating System to Begin in September8/9/2019Special DAC Email 20190809.pdf
KDE is Seeking Feedback on Draft Assessment Blueprints for Reading/Writing, Mathematics and Social Studies8/6/2019Special DAC Email 20190806.pdf
Accountability and Fall Trainings, Brigance (K Screen) OMS Open, WIDA Transition to New COS Service Device8/5/2019DAC Email 20190805.pdf
Pre-Quality Control (QC) Data Review Opens August 9 in SDRR8/2/2019Special DAC Email 20190802.pdf
Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) and Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI), Commissioner's Monday Message, WIDA/DRC Webinar7/29/2019DAC Email 20190729.pdf
Academic Standards Blueprint Process Continues with Review Committees, Alternate K-PREP Calendar Released, School Report Card (SRC) Approval/Collection Tool Open for Safety Data7/22/2019DAC Email 20190722.pdf
Alternate Assessment Waiver Public Comment Sought7/16/2019Special DAC Email 20190716.pdf
Kentucky Assessment Item Reviewers Application Open, SDRR Cohort7/15/2019DAC Email 20190715.pdf
Social Studies Standards Adopted for the 2019-2020 School Year7/9/2019Special DAC Email 20190709.pdf
Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate in SDRR, 2019 KYOTE Data in Infinite Campus, ACT School and District Profile Reports in PearsonAccessnext7/8/2019DAC Email 20190708.pdf
Assessment Blueprint Advisory Panels - Reading/Writing, Mathematics and Social Studies, DAC Spotlight Submissions7/1/2019DAC Email 20190701.pdf
High School Feedback Reports, New DAC Seminar, School Reconfiguration Changes, Scores in IC6/24/2019DAC Email 20190624.pdf
Kindergarten Screen Staff File, School Reconfiguration Changes, WIDA Screener for Kindergarten Field Test, June DAC Webcast Recording, Collecting Prior Setting Data for K Screen, New High School Feedback Reports6/17/2019DAC Email 20190617.pdf
June DAC Webcast 6/13/2019Special DAC Email 20190613.pdf
Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) Current Work, June DAC Webcast, Kentucky's Accountability Regulation Finalized (703 KAR 5:270)6/10/2019DAC Email 20190610.pdf
Assistive Technology Survey, Graduation Codes, School Reconfigurations6/3/2019DAC Email 20190603.pdf
Kentucky's Revised Consolidated State Plan, Helpful Assessment and Accountability Contacts, KYOTE scores in Infinite Campus (IC), New DAC Seminar, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing5/28/2019Special DAC Email 20190528.pdf
Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Seeking Feedback on Draft Assessment Blueprints for Reading/Writing, Mathematics and Social Studies5/22/2019Special DAC Email 20190522.pdf
Graduation Codes in Infinite Campus (IC), Revised Minimum High School Graduation Requirements5/20/2019DAC Email 20190520.pdf
Technology Patch Released for Windows 7 Machines 5/17/2019Special DAC Email 20190517.pdf
May DAC Webcast Recording Available, Commissioner's Monday Message5/15/2019Special DAC Email 20190515.pdf
Assistive Technology Survey, Alternate K-PREP Window Ending, Data Accuracy, New Program Manager, School Reconfigurations, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing5/13/2019DAC Email 20190513.pdf
May Monthly DAC Webcast5/9/2019Special DAC Email 20190509.pdf
School Report Card (SRC) Financial Data Publicly Released5/8/2019Special SRCC and DAC Email 20190508.pdf
100-Day Accountability, May DAC Webcast, CTE End of Program Results and Certificates5/6/2019DAC Email 20190506.pdf
Grade 11 On-Demand Writing Update on TestNAV Dictionary and Thesaurus5/3/2019Special DAC Email 20190503.pdf
Spring School Report Card Release Preview for Districts, Sharing School Report Cards on the Local District and School Web Pages5/1/2019Special SRCC and DAC Email 20190501.pdf
Scribing and Assistive Technology Clarifications, Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms, Text Reader Updates, Grade 10 Accommodated Materials and Test Window, College Placement Exams in Transition Readiness4/29/2019DAC Email 20190429.pdf
K-PREP Site Visits, Grades 10 & 11 TAMs Discrepancy, Rosters Open in SDRR, SDRR Q & A Skype Session, ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports, ACCESS for ELLs Score Interpretation Resources, Alt K-PREP Standard Setting Participants Needed, Assessment Scores in IC4/22/2019DAC Email 20190422.pdf
April DAC Webcast Recording, SDRR Open for Test Window Selection, Grades 10 and 11 TAMs Available, WIDA Summer Academies, Grade 10 TAM Clarification, KAAC Nominations for BAC and DAC of the Year, Non-Standard Response Templates, SRD Cleanup4/15/2019DAC Email 20190415.pdf
April DAC Webcast 20194/11/2019Special DAC Email 20190411.pdf
Grade 10 TAM, April DAC Webcast, SDRR Open for Test Window Selection, Additional Time for Online Testing, Return Shipping of Accommodated Materials for High School, CTE Reminders4/8/2019DAC Email 20190408.pdf
High School Accommodated K-PREP Materials, Online Resources for High School Testing, Alternate K-PREP SRD, Alt K-PREP Window 2, Opt-Out Information, Standards and Assessment Committee, Ordering Accommodated Kits-Grade 104/1/2019DAC Email 20190401.pdf
School Report Card Financial Transparency Domain Open in April, Annual Review and Update of School Front Door Geographic Coordinates3/26/2019Special SRCC Email 20190326.pdf
High School Online Practice Tests, ACT Makeup and Additional Materials, Alternate K-PREP Window 2 Materials, Calendar Pull from IC for SDRR, CTE Test Windows Close, Revised KAS Standards Adopted3/25/2019DAC Email 20190325.pdf
Resources for Grades 10 and 11 Testing, Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) Vacancies, Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators (KAAC) Accepting Proposals for Workshop3/22/2019Special DAC Email 20190322.pdf
K-PREP Resources for Spring Testing, DAC and BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms, KAAC Accepting Proposals for Scott Trimble Workshop, K-PREP Additional Orders for Regular and Accommodated Materials Open, KY AP Exam Ordering Webinar3/18/2019DAC Email 20190318.pdf

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